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April 23, 2014

Bath time, everybody loves bath time!  Especially my four year old.  She is obsessed with play time in the bath and of course loves her bath toys.  But believe it or not she also loves to pick out new body wash and shampoo.  For the longest time I was using Burts Bee's products when she was younger.

If you have a sensitive baby or child you may not be able to skimp on products and buy the generic store brand or the typical bottle that is baby pink and or purple and smells like baby powder.  (I think you know which kind I am referring to...it rhymes with monson and monson)  :)

My daughter being one that has eczema I had to find products that were gentle on her skin.

For the baby age I really loved the sweet honey and apricot smell of Burts Bees.  It's very gentle on baby skin being plant based, made with aloe, oat flour, and soy, sulfate and paraben free.  Love that its safe, and natural, just what you want to use on your little bundles of joy!

One of my favorite memories is giving her a bath and then taking her in my arms and inhaling her delicious smelling baby washed skin.  Smell it if you don't believe me...I on the other hand am afraid to as I am thinking it could give me baby fever!

Now that my daughter is a little older and loves "fun" bath products I am thankful I found two products at Target.  She not only loves them, but they do well with her sensitive skin.

Galvin & Glavin for Kids

This line is made by a celebrity hair stylist from London named Daniel Galvin.  This line is free of parabens, mineral oils, or animal products.  Best part is all the fun fruity varieties, we started off with Strawberry in my home.  Not only does my daughter find it fun but its been great for her sensitive skin!

And the second product is made by Method

I use a lot of Method products in my home, from cleaning supplies, to dish soap, and hand soap.  So I am loving that Method soaps came out with a kids Mickey and Minnie line!  My daughter being a Disney fanatic is in love with the packaging.  It works great as a bubble bath soap as well.  It's naturally derived, hypoallergenic so that means its free of parabens, EDTA.  And its tear free.  We currently have the Mickey one at home and it has a wonderful clean crisp citrus smell to it.

Happy Bath Time!

Love, Stylish Mama

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