Jamie Oliver Limoncello Tiramisu

April 21, 2014

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

The weather was perfection and we had a wonderful weekend with family and friends.
This past weekend we hosted a dinner party at our home and I wanted to try a recipe I watched Jamie Oliver make.  I am such a big fan of lemon desserts.  And I had limoncello already so it was the perfect dessert for my spring themed dinner.

Jamie Oliver Lemon Tiramisu

I happened to add fresh whipped cream to the top of my tiramisu.  It was absolutely delicious and perfect for this time of year.  The guests raved on how delicious the lady fingers were that were soaked in limoncello vs. rum.  A new favorite dessert for my home!

My daughter has really become my best buddy.  I enjoy seeing her grow up and watch her personality change as she gets older.  She makes me laugh constantly...such a funny little girl!  My best friend and my daughter all rolled into one little package. There is nothing like being a mother.  Can't wait to see where our journey takes us!

Love, Stylish Mama

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