Touchstone Crystal Jewelry On-Line Party

October 27, 2014

We are so in love with Swarovski's exclusive line, Touchstone Crystal, that we couldn't help but to partner with them to give you access on to our online-party. We have gotten many compliments and inquires about the unique and beautiful pieces we own that it only made sense to share with you all our new found love in jewelry.

Every woman needs a little sparkle in their lives and so we are here to help you out with the highest quality sparkle we could find. We are working with an awesome Independent Consultant, Bonnie, who will take all your orders and make sure you get your jewelry quickly so you can show off your individual style.

Here is the link to our Online Party!!

We wanted to share with you what Bonnie has to share with all our readers:

"Touchstone is the new line that Swarovski is launching in this area that will help you bring your friends and family together for a wonderful night out to shop this gorgeous jewelry! Your guests will find that 1/2 of our line is under $50 and when a customer spends $100 in jewelry they can chose something else for 30% off in October!" 

...We are in need of consultants and if you are interested in joining Touchstone yourselves, as I mentioned earlier this week,  that I will give you guys at $40 rebate from the $139 starter kit when you join my team. It really is a fun part time job that can add a decent income to your budget!  I am happy to share with you how it has helped me and my family."

What stood out to us was that half of their line is under $50!!  Here at Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica we are all about high quality without paying high prices.  You can see us showcasing the pieces we have in our collection on Instagram.  And I am sure you will be stunned to know that the gorgeous pieces we have shown are so affordable!

The online party we will be hosting will be live for two weeks. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or may want to inquire more about being a Consultant for Touchstone.  We can help you get in touch with Bonnie and get that (sparkly) ball rolling.

Happy shopping!!

Love, Stylish Mama and Organized Chica xox

Stylish Mama's Fashion Picks for October 2014

October 20, 2014

You won't be surprised by the fact that I have been already complaining about the shorter days and colder nights. However I am one who does love switching up clothes in my closet...and there is always something desirable about warm and cozy options.  I am going to share with you a few picks I have and none of them are frumpy sweat pants or flannels that we are all tempted in wearing, lets face it ladies!  Here are some stylish picks for this fall:

How amazing is this June And Hudson Fall Maxi dress?  Love how comfortable it looks yet it still is very stylish. Every girl has to have a little animal print in their wardrobe no matter the season, right?

This is a great wrap style skirt that can be worn to the office with heels or can be paired with dressy heeled boots.  Its made by Top Shop.

Anyone else totally obsessed with vests? I love layering a vest with a great long sleeve blouse or shirt in the fall.  Its a great way to complete your look yet be functional as it keeps you warm.  I am in love with this Michael Kors Quilted Down Vest.

Here is a boot that I am severely in love with.  How cozy do they look?  The Fulton Boot by Micheal Kors is extremely attractive...hello gorgeous!!!  I need you in my life.

There are so many cute scarves at Nordstrom right now - This one grabbed my attention as it looks warm and a neutral color that would easily go with many looks.  Its pretty affordable too!  - B.P. Popcorn Stitch Infinity Scarf is only $24!

Happy Shopping!
Love, Stylish Mama

* Please note that this post is not sponsored by any of the stores or brands shown above.  

Product Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

October 6, 2014

I have a nail polish love/hate relationship. Love how my nails look when they are painted.  I even have an entire board on Pinterest on beautiful nail designs and colors that I would love to try.  Hate having to wait for it to dry and hate how my nail polish starts chipping the next day of getting them done.  Hence the reason why you will almost never see me with my nails done.

My dream is to always have perfectly well manicured painted nails but that's a rare occasion.  I am blessed that my nails grow on their own and very quickly but for some reason nail polish doesn't stay on very long.  Trust me, I've done the whole 3 steps, 4 steps, etc.  Bottom coat, 2 coats of color, top coat, etc.  Nothing.  I was told recently that its because some nails are too oily or are too moist for nail polish to stay on so they start chipping quickly.

But then I found the best nail polish ever!!!!!!!!!  Did you read that? BEST NAIL POLISH EVER!!!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is hands down the best thing I've tried,  I've done the shellac and it works great but it damages your nail by leaving it weak.  This miracle gel acts just like shellac but without the light and it won't damage your nails.  Easy removal!  Sally Hansen states that the color will stay on for 14 days, that wasn't my experience but maybe if you are willing to do some touch up in between, it may work.

Below are images of my nails that I took as the week went on to show you all how long the nail polish really stayed on.  You can see that by Day 5, just one nail was badly chipped and the shine was gone.  Realistically, I guess I could have touched up that nail and redo the top coat on all my nails but by this time, I was tired of the

It was really quick to apply as well.  Two coats of nail polish color and one coat of the top coat.  Nails were dry in minutes! No waiting! Did I mention I hate waiting? Very inpatient when it comes for nails to dry.  I know, I have issues but what can I say, time is precious!!

Happy Nails!

Organized Chica - xox