long weekends are pretty great!

July 7, 2014

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their long weekend (if you were able to have one)...I know I definitely did!  I am thinking every weekend should be a long one especially during the summer months!

My family really took advantage of each day off - we did so much!!  But at the same time we took advantage of trying to catch up on rest and relaxation.

First day we had off we went to the zoo.  The Southwicks Zoo in Mendon is a definite must for local New England families.  It such a great zoo - lots of animals from your typical lions to tigers...but what makes Mendon a little more unique I think is their up close and personal shows with animals.  And their interactive petting zoo area as well as their deer park (which you can walk around with deer that are not caged and are roam free).  Such a hit for the little ones.

Here is my daughter in the petting zoo (which we went inside twice per her request).

We also made sure to get fried seafood one night on the beach.  This is another summer must, right?

Iggy's Chowder House
It was a great long weekend!

Oh and how could I forget...the very rainy day we managed to go shopping!  (no need to waste a good rainy day)  

I bought these cropped pants - and in my opinion they are your "perfect summer pants!"

Ann Taylor Loft Basket Weave Cropped Pant

Best part about it...right now you can save 60% off!!  Believe me, you will not regret purchasing these. Perfect for the office or even casual wear.  Make sure you check out their amazing Summer Sale at The Loft!

Here is a maxi dress I tried on and wished I had bought.
So comfortable and pretty...

Wall Paper Floral Maxi Dress

If it was also on sale...I would have!

So hopefully you all enjoyed your long weekend as much as I have.
I am feeling a little more refreshed, relaxed, and tan!

Love, Stylish Mama

Busy with Summer

July 2, 2014

Morning to all!

We want to apologize for not keeping up with the blog like we have had in the past.  Things have gotten very hectic for us and let's not mention its FINALLY SUMMER so we are trying to enjoy every ounce of it.  We have so many ideas for the blog but its been a matter of time really.  We don't want the blog to become a burden for us but more like our escape to express our creativity.  We did stop posting everyday due to our busy schedules.  We are trying Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  Let's see how that schedule goes.  We are learning as we go to balance the blog and our personal life so please bear with us.

To catch you all up, I've been battling whatever it is that I got. I'm still not 100% better so back to the doctor I go.  I've been sick since the real heat kicked in so technically I haven't really enjoyed it yet. Big bummer people since this is my favorite season!!

One positive note of my summer has been watching the World Cup.  I know its not that big of a deal in the USA but let me tell you that USA performed great to their end.  They got very far and kudos to them for making it to that point.  Some of my favorite teams that I was routing for have been already eliminated so let's see how my home team plays this Friday against Brazil. It will be a nail biting event...lol

What have you done so far this summer? Anything excited?

Happy Summer,

Organized Chica, xox