5 Favorite Things

September 30, 2016

Stylish Mama:

Cold Shoulder?  OK, well this is the only cold shoulder I would like to receive. (also a fall trend for 2016)  I bought this top as I feel in love with the pattern.  And the little shoulder detail adds a that perfect feminine touch.
White House Black Market Cold Shoulder Top

I am not a morning person.  So to making breakfast for me is more of a chore versus other meals I actually enjoy making.  Recently I had company stay with us and I found a recipe perfect for "brunch" and it can be eaten right away hot or it can sit for up to an hour before serving.  The recipe is a  brussels sprout, bacon and gruyere cheese frittata.  This Food and Wine recipe was so easy to make and it got rave reviews (don't you love recipes like that?)

Brussels Sprout, Bacon, and Gruyère Frittata

Organized Chica:

This summer the Patriot Place offered free weekly Zumba classes which were lots of fun.  I knew I wanted to continue working out this fall so I found myself the perfect instructor who teaches Brazilian Zumba.  She is fun, energetic and the woman can move!  She made me sweat and I never sweat! And yes, I’m still sore.

Did you know that you can print a free class pass for certain Zumba locations directly from their website? Give it a try!

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray, this is a must in my makeup bag when I do a full face and I want it to last all day.  Once I'm done applying my makeup, I spray a few pumps on my face and it seals my makeup.  I have combination skin, my T-zone being the oily part and this product controls that area from shining through out the day. For the price of $8.00, you can't go wrong, give it a try. 

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray


Not sure how the weather has been your way...but this week the rain and gloomy weather here in New England has us feeling like:


Stylish Mama and Organized Chica

5 Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

September 28, 2016

Who is loving some of the fall fashion musts? I'm looking forward to the off the shoulder sweaters and the booties!

Now, let's review what the 2016 fall makeup trends are this year. I'll give you a hint....for some trends, think the 90's!!

  • Messy eyebrows - No more pressure on having well defined, perfectly shaped eyebrows. The idea is letting them free.  Fill in any sparse areas and comb your eyebrows up.
    I'm not a big fan of the messy eyebrows but at least, I now have an excuse in case I don't have time to make it to the salon.

  • Glittery eyes - This trend can be tricky because glittery eyes can look too youthful, too cheap or way too glamorous.  If you are looking for a subtle look, try using a glitter eyeliner layered by a black eyeliner or you can always add a light layer of glitter over your eye shadow. Below are two products that I use and absolutely love for that fun look.

    L'OREAL Infallible Eyeshadow Eternal Sunshine

    Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Deep End

  • Peach - This isn't just a spring or summer color. This color is being used on the runway for a natural eye makeup look, a complete opposite from the typical dark smokey eye.
Snatch - Peach Shimmer with a gold shift

  • Dramatic eyelashes - "Spider-like" or also referred to as the "Twiggy" look.  Basically you want your eyelashes to stick together, creating a separated sparse look without the mascara clumps. 

  • Natural Glow - No more contouring, blushing and highlighting.  It's all about having the natural glow feel.  Think of how flushed your skin looks after a light workout outside as the wind hits your face.  Now let's admit it, some of us aren't born with that "glow" so we will need to use help from makeup products (unless you want to go outside and let yourself be wind kissed, it would be cheaper), check these products below.  
Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Sun Dipped

NYX Baked Blush Solstice

Overall this season is all about natural beauty and personally, I'm all for that.  I like not having the pressure that I need to have a full face on to be accepted.  Lately I've been just keeping it simple. Tinted moisturizer, blush, lip balm and mascara. 

Personally there are some trends that I don't think should make a comeback, specially those from the 90's (or the 80's for that matter, I'm sorry but if you're still sporting the 80's hair and eyeliner, I'm here to tell you that look doesn't look good on ANYONE!! Yes, that includes you too.) but that's how the beauty/fashion industry works.  

Are some of you ready to travel back in time? Decide what trend you want to follow and try to incorporate it into your makeup this fall.  Leave us a comment below on what fall trend you like and don't like.

Always have fun with makeup!

We are being featured on PattyJ

September 27, 2016

This week you can find our RI Story on  PattyJ.com.  We were thrilled when Patty reached out to us, she being an accomplished blogger in Rhode Island.  PattyJ.com was voted best lifestyle blog in RI 2015 and 2016,

Go check out our RI Story on Patty's blog, My RI Life: The Bloggers Behind "Stylish Mama Meets Organized Chica" and leave your comments letting us know what you think and as a way of supporting us.  We always appreciate our readers support!!! Also when you are visiting her page check out her posts.  She often will feature great places to try in and around Rhode Island.  I think you will enjoy her blog as much as we have.

Here's a sneak peek:

Happy Reading!

Love, Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica xox

5 Favorite Things

September 23, 2016

Stylish Mama:

Stephanie's On Newbury  has a lobster guacamole on their menu.  Wow, its amazing.  Fresh guac, corn taken right from the cob, diced tomato salsa, and of course your N.E. lobster piled on top. It's a must order if you are ever in Boston.

image description
Stephanie's Lobster Guac

The Wet Brush has easily become my new best friend while taking care of my daughters hair.  Her hair is very thick and can easily become tangled.  When she comes out of the bath I use the wet brush and it really helps.  In fact now she checks which brush I am using, and if it's not this one, she will make me go get it.  I bought it in bamboo wood shown below.

Wet Brush

Organized Chica:

Dolce & Gabbana Botanical Garden collection has me on cloud 9.  Just so you know, I love everything that has a leaf print and I feel this entire collection was made just for me, JAJAJA, let's be real.  My favorite Spaniard actress wore my favorite dress from the collection to an event and I haven't stopped swooning over it.  The leaves are embroidered and the the insects are actual brioches made from colored crystals.  Ohhh the details!!!  

Paula Echevarria

Brooklyn, a movie about an Irish immigrant in the 1950s and her journey in life where she must choose which life she wants between two different countries.  This movie hit home, I could relate to it in so many different levels.  This movie was definitely a tearjerker for me, just ask Stylish Mama. Good thing she made me some good comfort food that day because after watching this movie, you just want to curl into a ball.  I definitely will be reading the book because "home is home"....sniff sniff


We love fall season and this meme is just one of the reasons why...

Happy Fall Ya'll!  

Stylish Mama and Organized Chica

5 Fall 2016 Fashion Musts

September 22, 2016

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots have become more and more of a staple in my fall wardrobe.  I have always loved boots, but in the early fall it sometimes seems too soon to rush into wearing our clunky footwear.  However ankle boots are so versatile.  They look adorable with shorts, skirts, dresses, and jeans.

I bought these Carlos Santana ankle boots at a great price at Marshalls.  But if you can't find them there, here is a link to them online selling for under $50.  Carlos by Carlos Santana - Brie

Caged Flats

I love when flats are in!  Typically flats are my go to style for footwear.  I love the new caged flat for fall. Currently J Crew has a caged flat that I am loving.  Why not have some fun with your shoe color/pattern.

Off the Shoulder

We saw a lot of the off the shoulder look for spring and summer of 2016.  Now in darker muted tones it carries into fall 2016,

I am loving this burgundy top from White House Black Market,  It is paired up whit dark denim which is exactly how I would love to rock this look as well.

Fall Florals

Florals definitely can be carried into fall.
I recently bought a maxi dress at The Loft that incorporates this look beautifully.  I have worn it a few times and got many compliments.  It's the Hydrangea ruffled maxi dress,  And this maxi incorporates another fall trend, ruffles.  Hurry I think its only in stores and it's on sale!


Gotta be honest, I am not exactly thrilled that this throw back look is back.  However, confession,  I did rock a lot of chokers in high school.  But this particular one caught my eye.  I think it's pretty and can be still feminine without looking too "goth."   It's a the Filigree choker necklace and its under $25.

Happy Shopping!

Stayed tuned for Ogranized Chica's fall make-up must have's...

Love, Stylish Mama xo

Remembering Summer: Newport, RI

September 19, 2016

We have reached our last stop on my summer memory lane and if you guessed, Newport, RI. You know me well.

Newport will always have a special part in my heart. I have wonderful memories and keep creating more each summer.

This year was super special because my hubby surprised me with a helicopter ride for our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I admit, I panicked when we arrived and I started texting some of my friends in case anything happened to me.  Yes I know, a little dramatic.  We had arrived early but the crew at Bird's Eye View Helicopters were ready for us right away, they gave us a rundown and next thing you know, we were in the helicopter.  All I remember is telling my husband, "I didn't finish sending my farewell texts!" Once we reached our altitude, I couldn't believe the views. The city I love so much was breathtaking.  I was able to enjoy it from a aerial view that trust me when I say, the pictures do no justice. We had a smooth landing and were given very specific instructions on how to walk away from the landing pad.  The force of the propeller was very strong and loud. We were offered to get a DVD recording of our flight.  We bought it as a souvenir but my advice is that you skip that offer.  It doesn't show you everything you saw while you were up in the air and to us it wasn't worth the money.  Everything else was superb! And I survived the flight!

Next, we drove into the city and visited the Rosecliff Mansion. For the most part, I have visited all the mansions throughout the years but I'll never get tired of going back to admire their beauty and hear their stories. The Rosecliff Mansion was a self-guided tour and the best part was that you could actually take pictures at this one.  Movies like the Great Gatsby have been filmed here.  Even if you're not interested in visiting the inside of the mansion, you have to at least visit the grounds.  The landscape at the Rosecliff Mansion is beautiful.  It would be a perfect location for a photoshoot.

Finally, to wind down, what a better spot to visit then my favorite vineyard in the area, Newport Vineyards. We signed up for the wine tasting, I almost ate the entire jar of wine biscuits, man those things are addicting! I tried ice wine for the first time, where have I been all these years? Amazing!!! We then settled at the back of the vineyard with our glass of wine and enjoyed our little picnic that we had packed.  I felt I was in one of my favorite movies, A Walk in the Clouds, it was the perfect end to our beautiful day.

Thank you for coming down summer memory lane with me this week.  These were just a few of my summer highlights You can still visit all these areas during the fall, they each have their own charm during the colder season. Let us know what you think.

Now, let the fall adventures begin....

Waving summer good-bye.
Love, Organized Chica xox

Cat and Jack by Target for girls

September 16, 2016

Ahh...September, that means school shopping!

I do love it...there is something exciting and fun about building my daughters wardrobe for the upcoming school year.  Of course school shopping means a lot of practical clothing items that are durable and comfortable.  But, it doesn't have to be all boring pieces...you can still have fun!

I am in love with Target's new brand Cat & Jack.  And my daughter who is quite opinionated loves their stuff too!  How I miss those days I could do all the shopping for her and she would just wear whatever I put out for her for school...those days are, well over...so good thing I found Cat & Jack!

Shirts I bought for under $10
Cat & Jack Have Fun Today Graphic T-Shirt
Cat & Jack Heart Graphic T-Shirt
Need to go back to Target for this one, love the message:

Cat & Jack Donut Bully Graphic T-Shirt
And my daughter lives in leggings during the school year. She has has made it clear that there are not to be any jeans in her school wardrobe, as the buttons give her anxiety for those quick bathroom emergencies!  Again I have to be practical, yet fun!  These leggings only $5 and are made out of cotton.  Love them! Bought one in almost every color, here are a few patterns we loved:

Cat & Jack Scallop Print Leggings
Cat & Jack Kitty Leggings
And let's not forget shoes...this brand also makes the most trendy yet comfy shoes, bought these for my daughter and they were under $20!

Cat & Jack Olga Moccasin

I hope this brand stays around...I cannot wait to see what they will come out with for winter!

Happy Shopping!

And for those of you who do not enjoy this as much...here is a few funnies for you!

Love, Stylish Mama