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September 23, 2016

Stylish Mama:

Stephanie's On Newbury  has a lobster guacamole on their menu.  Wow, its amazing.  Fresh guac, corn taken right from the cob, diced tomato salsa, and of course your N.E. lobster piled on top. It's a must order if you are ever in Boston.

image description
Stephanie's Lobster Guac

The Wet Brush has easily become my new best friend while taking care of my daughters hair.  Her hair is very thick and can easily become tangled.  When she comes out of the bath I use the wet brush and it really helps.  In fact now she checks which brush I am using, and if it's not this one, she will make me go get it.  I bought it in bamboo wood shown below.

Wet Brush

Organized Chica:

Dolce & Gabbana Botanical Garden collection has me on cloud 9.  Just so you know, I love everything that has a leaf print and I feel this entire collection was made just for me, JAJAJA, let's be real.  My favorite Spaniard actress wore my favorite dress from the collection to an event and I haven't stopped swooning over it.  The leaves are embroidered and the the insects are actual brioches made from colored crystals.  Ohhh the details!!!  

Paula Echevarria

Brooklyn, a movie about an Irish immigrant in the 1950s and her journey in life where she must choose which life she wants between two different countries.  This movie hit home, I could relate to it in so many different levels.  This movie was definitely a tearjerker for me, just ask Stylish Mama. Good thing she made me some good comfort food that day because after watching this movie, you just want to curl into a ball.  I definitely will be reading the book because "home is home"....sniff sniff


We love fall season and this meme is just one of the reasons why...

Happy Fall Ya'll!  

Stylish Mama and Organized Chica

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