Remembering Summer: Newport, RI

September 19, 2016

We have reached our last stop on my summer memory lane and if you guessed, Newport, RI. You know me well.

Newport will always have a special part in my heart. I have wonderful memories and keep creating more each summer.

This year was super special because my hubby surprised me with a helicopter ride for our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I admit, I panicked when we arrived and I started texting some of my friends in case anything happened to me.  Yes I know, a little dramatic.  We had arrived early but the crew at Bird's Eye View Helicopters were ready for us right away, they gave us a rundown and next thing you know, we were in the helicopter.  All I remember is telling my husband, "I didn't finish sending my farewell texts!" Once we reached our altitude, I couldn't believe the views. The city I love so much was breathtaking.  I was able to enjoy it from a aerial view that trust me when I say, the pictures do no justice. We had a smooth landing and were given very specific instructions on how to walk away from the landing pad.  The force of the propeller was very strong and loud. We were offered to get a DVD recording of our flight.  We bought it as a souvenir but my advice is that you skip that offer.  It doesn't show you everything you saw while you were up in the air and to us it wasn't worth the money.  Everything else was superb! And I survived the flight!

Next, we drove into the city and visited the Rosecliff Mansion. For the most part, I have visited all the mansions throughout the years but I'll never get tired of going back to admire their beauty and hear their stories. The Rosecliff Mansion was a self-guided tour and the best part was that you could actually take pictures at this one.  Movies like the Great Gatsby have been filmed here.  Even if you're not interested in visiting the inside of the mansion, you have to at least visit the grounds.  The landscape at the Rosecliff Mansion is beautiful.  It would be a perfect location for a photoshoot.

Finally, to wind down, what a better spot to visit then my favorite vineyard in the area, Newport Vineyards. We signed up for the wine tasting, I almost ate the entire jar of wine biscuits, man those things are addicting! I tried ice wine for the first time, where have I been all these years? Amazing!!! We then settled at the back of the vineyard with our glass of wine and enjoyed our little picnic that we had packed.  I felt I was in one of my favorite movies, A Walk in the Clouds, it was the perfect end to our beautiful day.

Thank you for coming down summer memory lane with me this week.  These were just a few of my summer highlights You can still visit all these areas during the fall, they each have their own charm during the colder season. Let us know what you think.

Now, let the fall adventures begin....

Waving summer good-bye.
Love, Organized Chica xox


  1. What great pics! I also love Newport. And you gave us the best view, from above! Thanks for sharing. Keep it coming! xoxox

    1. Thank you so much for your support. We're happy that you are enjoying the pics. We are here to stay! xox