About US

We are two amigas from the New England area with the dream of having an outlet to express our creative sides.  Although very similar, we bring our own flair to the table.  Kimberly, the Stylish Mama, is always on the hunt for the perfect outfit at that affordable price.  She also enjoys making her house into a home by decorating it and hosting dinner parties. Marilyn, the Organized Chica, is constantly looking for different ways to plan, simplify and organize her daily tasks and home.  Nothing makes her happier then to help others either organize their homes or their events.  Individually we have thought  of ways that we could share with others our different passions in life and our family and friends have always encouraged us to pursue our goals.  So we thought, “WHY THE HECK NOT?” 

So we hope you enjoy our blog, Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica!


I am a dedicated wife and a mommy to a beautiful little girl.  Life for me is about being with my family.  But when I am not focused on that I do enjoy all the girly things in life!  I am always on the hunt for the perfect recipes for either everyday meals or entertaining fabulous guests in my home.  I also consider myself a “huntress” of the perfect bargain.  I enjoy the champagne life but would rather pay the wine cooler price to get it. 

My favorite places to shop are anywhere from Nordstrom’s to Target…and yes I do dabble in a little Savers (local consignment store) shopping to find a designer item for much less.  Shopping for the home and finding those perfect details that make your house a home has always been a hobby. If you asked me what a perfect evening would be with my friends…I would have to say, to get dolled up and dine at restaurant found in the city!  My two favorite cities are Boston and Providence.  I love trying new things and I am pretty much a fan of most foods. 

One thing I miss doing since I have become a mommy is traveling.  I have been to countless places and treasure all my memories of the trips I have gone on.  Traveling for me is such a great way to escape – I can’t wait for one day my family can all travel together.  I spend most my days just dreaming of the places we could visit first.  


Colombian chica living in little Rhody (Rhode Island) with my HB aka Personal Handy Man, my mami linda and my little furball, Bam Bam.  I am proud to say that I am a longtime and faithful fan of the New Kids on the Block (my friends will testify to that).

I love my Latin food, music and culture. Remember that scene from  “Fools Rush In” when Salma Hayek is cooking and dancing at the same time? Well that is me when I am at home or in my car. Music is in my blood!  Almost as much as my obsession with organization.  Some of my friends even joke around and call me the “Wedding Planner”, just like the actual movie with Jennifer Lopez.  I have planned and or somehow always managed to be involved at one point in so many weddings or events, period, and all within a reasonable budget.  

I come from a very hands-on family: photographers, seamstress, painters, self taught cooks and excessive compulsive clean freaks (you know who you are).  Then there’s me, the super duper mushy sentimental one who gets all geeky when it comes to organization.   My family thinks I’m weird because I find such joy while I’m organizing.  It’s my stress free time, now don’t get me wrong, as much as I am an organizer freak, I don’t keep a perfect house all the time and I have learned to accept that. 

With this blog I hope to share with you what works for me and my family and maybe get you inspired as well.  I also have a list of projects and ideas that I have compiled throughout the years and would love for you to join me as I accomplish them.

Love, Stylish Mama and Organized Chica xox


  1. I can't wait to read more of your blog ladies!!

    1. Thank you Soknin for checking out the blog, please stay tuned for our daily posts.

  2. Yes! first one to comment :)