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October 24, 2016

Although some of us may have or have not experienced cancer, for the most part, we have loved ones that have and we can all relate to a certain point.  Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to shine the spotlight on Sharon Linder, a cancer survivor who would like to share with all of our readers her story and what came out of her journey.

I, Organized Chica, have been participating in the Breast Cancer Walk for almost 8 years so when Sharon reached out to us and I read her story, I was touched. I lost an aunt to cancer and like many of you, we ache when we recall their struggle but always carry with us their willing to fight till the end. 

We both had the opportunity to meet Sharon and were impressed with her upbeat and positive energy despite the curve balls that life has thrown at her. We both love supporting local businesses and want to always share the best with our followers.  

Let's let Sharon share her story about "perseverance, second acts and making lemons into lemonade...with a win-win ending"......

"My mother and two sisters are breast cancer survivors. I am vigilant about being tested, retested, examined, reexamined and take part in local studies, On numerous occasions, finding myself sitting around in a patient examination gown surrounded by other women, skinny girls freezing, everyone else falling out the front of their gowns. Not to mention the truly plus size women who were hiding in the dressing rooms too embarrassed to join us. All clutching our thin, scratchy gowns closed, waiting to hear the worst news of our lives.

Thinking there had to be a better way I went in search of a solution. After working at a fortune 500 hundred company for 30+ years...I was about as far as you can get from an entrepreneur but did know how to navigate the internet to get information. What I found was astounding. The traditional "hospital gown" had not been refitted since before the turn of the century, 65% of the US population is now overweight (and getting larger) and finding a universal hospital gown is an international problem. Designers such as Diana Von Furstenberg, Nicole Miller and Ben DeLisi from London have been attempting to lend their expertise to the dilemma. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in an attempt to find a solution.
Not being a designer and not having the backing of a big foundation I held focus groups with nurses, nurse administrators, radiologists and patients. I worked with a regional hospital laundry to come up with a fabric that would be durable enough to withstand the rigors of hospital abuse.

I began a company called GetJanes, LLC ( that produces Janes TM. Janes offer comfort, coverage and dignity. Janes decrease patient vulnerability, help to build security and self-advocacy, Get Janes™ wellness gowns are an attractive alternative to the traditional, paper-thin hospital gown.

As the first shipment of Janes was sent out in the Fall of 2012, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. A great way to field test my Janes! Throughout surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and recovery my Jane was my best ally. Janes gave me more than I could have possibly hoped for.

Janes, made in the USA,  are now sold to breast health centers, hospital, VA medical centers and doctor's offices throughout the US. A percent of the profits from sales funds free mammograms for under-served women.

My goal is to bring comfort and dignity to as many women as possible. Women can give the gift of comfort to their friends as a thoughtful and lasting gift. At $55.00 they cost less than flowers!

Thank you so much for your time." - Sharon Linder

We all have been there at some point or another, when we have to awkwardly wear a "Johnny", hospital gown, and remember feeling so uncomfortable.  To know that someone took the time to research and develop a more dignified robe for us to use, men and women, is pretty amazing.  You also contribute to a very good cause, with every gown you purchase, GetJanes gives 2% to fund mammograms for under-served women.  Nothing like helping others. We hope that you take the time to visit GetJanes.

"Sharon Linder founded GetJanes, LLC (, which manufactures high-quality wellness gowns for women. Made of a soft waffle weave knit material, “Janes” emphasize comfort, total coverage and dignity for women of all sizes. The product is a stylish option: whether for the spa, travel,  mammograms, nursing mothers, or medical treatments of any kind."

That is why we partnered up with GetJanes to give one of our readers the chance to win a free ladies robe. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are interesting in purchasing a "Jane", in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all gowns are 20% off for the month of October.  Use Discount Code at checkout: Awareness20

Love Stylish Mama & Organized Chica,

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  1. Due to unexpected Webstore "maintenance" during the monthe of October, we are extending out 20% discount until 11/15.
    Discount Code at Checkout; Awareness20
    Thank you for your support!

  2. It is really sucks also to wear hospital gowns that are not comfortable. Because maybe it is already in our mind that hospital clothing is not high quality, not comfortable, and maybe, when we speak of hospital gown, who wants it? But, it is because for a cancer cause, I think I will love to purchase it to honor women who have cancer. Thanks again for both of you, Stylish Mama and Organized Chica, for having the inspirational post here. Also, for your readers, support breast cancer, buy the GetJane Gown now. Also, to shop online for this big events of the year, the Holiday Season, shop at and get big discounts. I will wait again here for another update. Thanks Mama & Chica.