Afternoon Tea at the Ocean House, Rhode Island

October 12, 2016

Afternoon Tea or other wise known as High Tea is popular more so in Europe, however you can still find places to visit in New England who carry out the tradition. One thing that I (Stylish Mama) have noticed when visiting different places for High Tea is that every place has their own special menu and way of serving it. Most do provide the traditional scones served with jam and cream, sandwiches, desserts, and a pot of tea.

Afternoon Tea at the Ocean House did not disappoint with their selection of teas and food for high tea.  They offer afternoon tea on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons from 3-5 pm.  A sample menu can be found online of what to expect when attending.  We requested half of our food to be dairy free and they did meet that dietary request beautifully.  Our selections were a little different form the menu but the basics still applied....and all was YUM!

We were comfortably seated at a love seat in their "living room" at Ocean House.

Deciding on tea, Stylish Mama chose Earl Grey and Organized Chica chose a pomegranate tea.

China was beautifully set for us.


Tea Time!

Scones and in house made raspberry jam with cream

Dessert plate -home made candies, marshmallows, and chocolate covered strawberries with real gold flecks.

Our View across from our table, each oil lamp was lit

Remember ladies, pinky's down, not up.  Its actually not cool to raise your pinky.  You are welcome!

We can't wait to come back.  Already discussing a time to come again for a girls night.  Or maybe just another "working lunch" for us!  Thanks to our server as well, she was unbelievably attentive and made us feel right at home.

Love, Stylish Mama & Organized Chica

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