Stylish Mama's Summer Decor from PB

April 30, 2014

Loving so many seasonal items at Pottery Barn at the moment. (um, let's face it, I always love Pottery Barn no matter what season or moment!)

I love how timeless and classic Pottery Barn pieces are.  Here are some items I would love to have in my home for this summer.

No Spending May

April 29, 2014

I've seen this idea on Pinterest and Instagram over and over again and I figure I give it a try.  Its the "No Spending" month challenge.  Goal is not to spend money on anything but the essentials and save up.  Well I don't know how well I'll do but I'm willing to give it a try.  What is there to loose?

If you want to try it with me, I encourage you to print out the image below of the month of May and cross off each day that you stick to the "No Spending"rule.  Carry this calendar in your wallet so you can be encourage every time you feel the urge to take out cash or swipe your card.  

Happy Saving,

Organized Chica - xox

Club Monaco Summer 2014

April 28, 2014

Happy Monday!

I had a great weekend.  Hope you all had one too.
We spent the weekend with family visiting from out of state and that meant we had built in baby sitters for Saturday night!  That hardly ever happens for us.  So we enjoyed some time away Saturday night with our friends...Any of you watching the NHL playoff games?  The Bruins won on Saturday!!!  Go Bruins!

Back to Monday Morning...I am starting my day looking at the new gorgeous line from Club Monaco. Club Monaco come up with a beautiful summer line called Beach Boutique.  The materials all look super comfortable and delicate for the hot summer months approaching.  Here are a few I think are absolutely stunning and I am loving!

                         Lyndsey Crochet Short

Happy Shopping!

Love, Stylish Mama

5 Fab Friday

April 25, 2014

Things we are loving/wanting/dreaming of on this Friday

Stylish Mama:

I love a good sized canvas tote bag for the warmer weather.  I use my boat tote bags for practically everything...packing lunch, towels, beach bag for toys and name it, it goes in.  The bigger the bag the better.  I love this beautiful print from Vineyard Vines.

Here is a summer drink for you all!  And on a hot spring day after working all day in the yard why not sit back on the porch and enjoy this cocktail.  If you are a tea fan, I promise you will be refreshed.  I actually really like the brand Deep Eddy vodka...they make great tea infused vodkas...delish! 

Organized Chica: 


What can I say? I'm a big fan! I'm addicted to the show and all the Super Heroes.  I wasn't brought up reading the comics but a few years ago this all changed.  Now I can't miss a show or a movie because they all just tie into each other.  Have a show that you have ever been hooked on ?

Erin Condren Life Planners
The Planner community, yes there is such thing and yes I belong to it of course, have been raving about Erin Condren's Planners.  After doing my research, I want one too, very badly.  You can customize it to your liking and needs.  You have a monthly spread, space for goals, to-do lists.  Definitely a one stop deal.  Adding these planners to my wish list.  

Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica:


Rock those heels girls!
Just remember some heels are only two hour heels.  Meaning, don't wear them more than that or your your feet will feel like they ran a marathon in them!

Love, Stylish Mama and Organized Chica xox

April Container Store Picks

April 24, 2014

It's that time again, giving you my picks for the month of April from the Container Store.  Perfect timing for Spring cleaning.  Here are a few of storage ideas or cleaning.  How are you making out with your Spring cleaning? Are you attacking any problematic areas?

1. Grey Stacking Jewelry Tray System  - How beautiful would all your jewelry look organized in this tray system.  Each item will have its own compartment which will not only allow you to see each item carefully but it will help preserve it longer.

2. Clarity Hat Boxes - I'm a huge hat person so to have my hats stored in a beautiful clear container like this would be great.  It will help my hats keep their shape.

3. Acrylic Square Hinged-Lid Boxes - These boxes have endless uses.  Makeup, jewelry, collectibles, etc. Junk drawer would be finally organized with these boxes.

4. Metro Commercial 3-Shelf Serving Cart - I'm in love!! Just imagine this cart for serving home gatherings.  You can designate this as the beverage cart or have this cart in your patio to hold paper goods, BBQ tools, a bucket of ice with drinks.  This cart is a beauty!

5. Connect & Clean Cob Web Duster - It's cleaning time.  Not sure you but I'm short.  I need all the help I can get to reach those corners.  I hate spiders! Like really really hate them so I need to make sure I keep up with all those crooks and crannies.  Need to get this.

Happy Organizing,
Organized Chica, xox

Splish Splash

April 23, 2014

Bath time, everybody loves bath time!  Especially my four year old.  She is obsessed with play time in the bath and of course loves her bath toys.  But believe it or not she also loves to pick out new body wash and shampoo.  For the longest time I was using Burts Bee's products when she was younger.

If you have a sensitive baby or child you may not be able to skimp on products and buy the generic store brand or the typical bottle that is baby pink and or purple and smells like baby powder.  (I think you know which kind I am referring rhymes with monson and monson)  :)

My daughter being one that has eczema I had to find products that were gentle on her skin.

For the baby age I really loved the sweet honey and apricot smell of Burts Bees.  It's very gentle on baby skin being plant based, made with aloe, oat flour, and soy, sulfate and paraben free.  Love that its safe, and natural, just what you want to use on your little bundles of joy!

One of my favorite memories is giving her a bath and then taking her in my arms and inhaling her delicious smelling baby washed skin.  Smell it if you don't believe me...I on the other hand am afraid to as I am thinking it could give me baby fever!

Now that my daughter is a little older and loves "fun" bath products I am thankful I found two products at Target.  She not only loves them, but they do well with her sensitive skin.

Galvin & Glavin for Kids

This line is made by a celebrity hair stylist from London named Daniel Galvin.  This line is free of parabens, mineral oils, or animal products.  Best part is all the fun fruity varieties, we started off with Strawberry in my home.  Not only does my daughter find it fun but its been great for her sensitive skin!

And the second product is made by Method

I use a lot of Method products in my home, from cleaning supplies, to dish soap, and hand soap.  So I am loving that Method soaps came out with a kids Mickey and Minnie line!  My daughter being a Disney fanatic is in love with the packaging.  It works great as a bubble bath soap as well.  It's naturally derived, hypoallergenic so that means its free of parabens, EDTA.  And its tear free.  We currently have the Mickey one at home and it has a wonderful clean crisp citrus smell to it.

Happy Bath Time!

Love, Stylish Mama

Makeup Brushes: Eyes

April 22, 2014

I can't believe that I haven't shared with you all my favorite makeup brushes.  I love makeup and love playing with it.  Although this can be a very expensive hobby because you always want the latest but can't always afford it, so I keep my wish list.  Also, just because its expensive, doesn't mean its the best for you.  I have an endless list of drugstore products that I love because they are excellent quality.

What I did quickly realize is that you can have the best makeup out there but if you don't have the right tools, it makes application harder and sloppier.  I did my homework and researched on what were the best makeup brushes and when I finally had them in my hands, I was ecstatic.

I present to you Sigma.  Hands down these are the best brushes I have tried.  When I do my make up, most of the time my eyes are the prominent feature so I like experimenting with them.  Having the right brushes has helped me do detail work that I necessarily wouldn't have had achieved.

Performance Eyes Kit

Included in this set are the following brushes:

  1. E11 - Eye Liner
  2. E16 - Tightline Liner
  3. E17 - Waterline Liner
  4. E21 - Smudge - (All time favorite!)
  5. E36 - Blending 
  6. E46 - Shader - Inner Corner
  7. E47 - Shader - Crease (All time favorite!)
  8. E45 - Shader - Lid
I'm guilty, I do use ALL of them, depending on how detailed my eye make up will be or maybe I just love them so much, I don't want to leave any of them out.  

I will continue adding more Sigma brushes to my collection, highly recommended.

Organized Chica, xox

Jamie Oliver Limoncello Tiramisu

April 21, 2014

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

The weather was perfection and we had a wonderful weekend with family and friends.
This past weekend we hosted a dinner party at our home and I wanted to try a recipe I watched Jamie Oliver make.  I am such a big fan of lemon desserts.  And I had limoncello already so it was the perfect dessert for my spring themed dinner.

Jamie Oliver Lemon Tiramisu

I happened to add fresh whipped cream to the top of my tiramisu.  It was absolutely delicious and perfect for this time of year.  The guests raved on how delicious the lady fingers were that were soaked in limoncello vs. rum.  A new favorite dessert for my home!

My daughter has really become my best buddy.  I enjoy seeing her grow up and watch her personality change as she gets older.  She makes me laugh constantly...such a funny little girl!  My best friend and my daughter all rolled into one little package. There is nothing like being a mother.  Can't wait to see where our journey takes us!

Love, Stylish Mama

5 Fab Friday

April 18, 2014

Things we are loving/wanting/dreaming of on this Friday

Stylish Mama:


Not being a lipstick kind of girl, more of a lip gloss kind. I am thinking this new product by MAC would be the right one for me.  It supposedly has the shine of a gloss and the precision of a lip pencil all in one. effortless and pretty shades for the spring, I am sold. MAC Patent Polish Lip Penicl


Any of you Instagram lovers or addicted users like me?  When I saw this cool contraption I almost flipped.  It is a mini Instagram projector!!!  You can upload your favorite images from your Instagram account and they will put it on 35MM slide film and then onto a black wheel.  GENIUS!  I can't wait to create one...perfect gift for any instagram junkies as well.  Find more about it, including a video on how it works on their website:

Organized Chica: 

How cool is this? This my friends is an organization system that provides endless configurations by using rubberized elastic bands to firmly hold your gadgets.  This is so cool! Perfect to store and travel with all your electronics.


Ever watch a TV show and really like their outfit and wonder where they bought it?  Well this website does all the work for you.  They will find the exact match or a similar look and where to buy it.  Check it out. 

Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica:


Let the countdown being! Just wanted to remind our Rhode Islanders that it's only one month away!!! But who's counting? 

Love, Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica, xox

Brain to Paper

April 17, 2014

Have you found yourself thinking and thinking and re-thinking about the same thing over and over and over and over, you get my drift, again just to later totally forget about it.  How about waking up in the middle of the night to think of something and then be like, "oh yea, I'll do that in the morning" or you just keep tossing in bed because your brain will NOT stop running.  Well that's me, or it was, work in progress.  My brain is non-stop and going full speed and to top it off, I have the worst memory ever! So if you don't see me writing it down, guaranteed I will forget and not carry out what I said I was going to do.  I joke with my friends saying that I'm trapped inside a 80 year old body but I think even an elderly person still has a better memory then me.  Did I also mention that I can get off track very easily, oh look, there's a leaf flying.  Yup! This is probably one of the many reasons why I need to be organized because if not, I would get NOTHING done.
On that note, I just wanted to share what works for me.  For years now, I've had a notebook where I write down all the projects I would like to do, from the biggest house project to the smallest personal project.  I basically dump all my ideas on a notebook to clear my mind from them. I've dated all my entries and it goes back a couple of years.  It's cool to look back and read some of my ideas, some I can actually cross off because at one point I've accomplished them and others just become irrelevant because I've changed.  

To help me clear my head, I write down all the projects I would like to accomplish in my notebook.  I also keep a small pad next to my bed so in case I wake up in the middle of the night with this grand idea or just an annoying reminder that won't leave my head at 2 am, I'll write it down. Yup, I will take my pen and write in the dark what I'm thinking in the moment, with my eyes closed and lights off.  Trust me, in the morning I look at it and it looks like chicken scratch but I was able to go back to sleep and not be bothered by my ideas keeping me awake.  

Point is that its actually proven that it works to write your thoughts down, whether it be by journaling or using a planner or saving a note in your cellphone.  Do what works for you.  Just try to keep your thoughts all in one place, centralize.

How about buying yourself a real nice cute notebook? If it fits your personality, you are bound to use it.  

Happy Organizing, 

Organized Chica, xox  

Summer Everyday Dress

April 16, 2014

Old Navy is having some really great sales right now.
I stopped in at the Old Navy in my hometown over the weekend and spotted some summer dresses that are the perfect everyday dress now that summer is approaching.
Every girl should have those go to dresses that you can wear with no effort to either go shopping, out with the girls, or even to the park.

Best part ladies, they are on sale right now for only $15 each.  Amazing!

Here is a photo taken of me and my mini me Monday after work...the weather was absolutely gorgeous!
Break out the Sunnies! So ready for warmer weather!  Even though we had a crazy winter storm last night...any of you get snow as well?  Crazy!

Happy Shopping!

Love, Stylish Mama

Top Shop Spring Picks

April 14, 2014

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Or at least a better one than I might have had.  I spent my weekend sick...real sick.  What killed me was the weather was unbelievably gorgeous.  All I wanted to do was be outdoors with my family.  But I spent my Saturday at Urgent Care getting some needed medicine.  Oh well, at least spring is just getting here so I have plenty of more nice days to enjoy ahead of me.

One thing I am able to do when not feeling well is do a little online shopping and browsing.  Here are some items I fell in love with from Top Shop.

Floral Cross Over Wrap Playsuit
Embellished Chiffon Dress
V Front Stepped Hem Tee
Split Side Chiffon Tee
Bonded Peplum Jacket
MEL Raspberry Heart Heels
MEL Flower Sandal
Tallulah Espardrilles
I love spring clothing.  So ready to shed my winter coat and sweaters for beautiful pastel colored light weight clothing.

Happy Shopping!
Love, Stylish Mama

5 Fab Friday

April 11, 2014

Things we are loving/wanting/dreaming of on this Friday

Stylish Mama

Taking advice from Miss Organized Chica herself, I know I am guilty of misplacing mail when it enters my home.  I would love to get this Kate Spade Snail Mail Tray to keep my home organized and of course oh so stylish!


David Yurman came out with some gorgeous pieces for their 2014 Spring line including this Renaissance Bracelet in sterling silver.  I feel that all his pieces are timeless.  Absolutely gorgeous arm candy. I have dreamnt about owning my very own David Yurman bracelet for many years now, just beautiful.

Organized Chica:

Kikki.K Leather Personal Planner: Grey
Ever have a crush on planners? Well I do and Kikki.K is one of my absolute favorite lines because of their functionality and style.  I love how this may seem to be a boring grey planner on the outside, but once you open it, you see color and the details in design.  I would love to have a planner like this. 

Look at this beauty! The perfect trio to carry with you this summer.  You have your bronzer, highligher and blush all in small compact case.  For only $30, this definitely will be added to my makeup collection.

Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica:

5. We both love the designer Micheal Kors.  So any fashion advice from him has to be on point! (pun intended)

Hope you all are accessorizing and adding those exclamation points to your outfits!!!

Love, Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica, xox

Mail and Keys

April 10, 2014

We all have lost our keys at some point, maybe this is a daily thing for you or maybe its once in a while, but it happens. Then we have all the mail that we get that we can't go through right away, where do you dump it?

I wanted to share with you a product that I bought a while back from Target that I absolutely love because it holds my mail and keys in one place.

Threshold Classic Mail Holder - White/Satin Nickel - $16.49

This mailbox is right in the entrance so as soon as we get home, we can hang up our keys and dump all the mail in one place until I'm ready to sort it.  Here's my mailbox in action.  (Yes, I have popcorn walls, sore subject, grrrrr....don't pay attention to that) 

I also hang up Bam Bam's leash for his walks.

This may seem like an easy and logical solution but many homes don't have a common place for all family members for keys and mail.

Happy Organizing,
Organized Chica, xox

Loving JCPenney for Kids

April 9, 2014

During a recent trip to the mall I discovered a new place to shop for myself, my daughter and home.  JC Penney!

Have you visited this department store lately?  It has totally been revamped and is hosting some of my favorite fashion icons and their lines!  Ted Baker, Tori Spelling, MANGO, and even hosts Sephora inside their store.  Here are a few things I feel in love with from the kids line.

Ted Baker Pretty in Pink Dress is made out of some beautiful material.  Its made out of stretchy scuba gear material that hangs beautifully.  I couldn't believe this was a kids dress!  
 Ted Baker Lace Dress has a beautiful lace print over hot pink fabric .  I also love the style and cut with the flare skirt on the bottom.  

I bought this gorgeous Little Maven by Tori Spelling Damask Chiffon dress for my daughter.  Let me tell you, its stunning!  The damask pattern is simply beautiful and so chic!  She enjoys the butterfly sleeves the most!  So fun to wear!

Love this fun Little Maven by Tori Spelling Tank dress for the summer.  The bubble skirt makes it dressy however it looks like it would be comfortable and easy to wear for any busy toddler.

Boys Ted Baker Herringbone Blazer is perfect for a way to dress up your toddler boy but also could rock this a spring coat with a pair of jeans.  Love the details that make this jacket special, the sewn in pocket square and the lining of the jacket has a fun pattern.  If I had a boy, he would be rocking this!

Little Maven by Tori Spelling Cardigan would be such a great addition to any boys closet!  Such a fun preppy style!  I adore this!

Um, and here is the cuteness factor winner!  This Wendy Bellissimo two piece short set is an absolute must for any special occasion for this summer.  Keep your boys cool during those hot summer days but yet oh so stylish!  Love this!

I will feature other department finds this month from JCPenney.  Wait till you see some of their home decor line.  I saw so many things I wanted to snag up for my home and for outdoor entertaining!

Happy Shopping!

Love, Stylish Mama