Mail and Keys

April 10, 2014

We all have lost our keys at some point, maybe this is a daily thing for you or maybe its once in a while, but it happens. Then we have all the mail that we get that we can't go through right away, where do you dump it?

I wanted to share with you a product that I bought a while back from Target that I absolutely love because it holds my mail and keys in one place.

Threshold Classic Mail Holder - White/Satin Nickel - $16.49

This mailbox is right in the entrance so as soon as we get home, we can hang up our keys and dump all the mail in one place until I'm ready to sort it.  Here's my mailbox in action.  (Yes, I have popcorn walls, sore subject, grrrrr....don't pay attention to that) 

I also hang up Bam Bam's leash for his walks.

This may seem like an easy and logical solution but many homes don't have a common place for all family members for keys and mail.

Happy Organizing,
Organized Chica, xox

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