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April 22, 2014

I can't believe that I haven't shared with you all my favorite makeup brushes.  I love makeup and love playing with it.  Although this can be a very expensive hobby because you always want the latest but can't always afford it, so I keep my wish list.  Also, just because its expensive, doesn't mean its the best for you.  I have an endless list of drugstore products that I love because they are excellent quality.

What I did quickly realize is that you can have the best makeup out there but if you don't have the right tools, it makes application harder and sloppier.  I did my homework and researched on what were the best makeup brushes and when I finally had them in my hands, I was ecstatic.

I present to you Sigma.  Hands down these are the best brushes I have tried.  When I do my make up, most of the time my eyes are the prominent feature so I like experimenting with them.  Having the right brushes has helped me do detail work that I necessarily wouldn't have had achieved.

Performance Eyes Kit

Included in this set are the following brushes:

  1. E11 - Eye Liner
  2. E16 - Tightline Liner
  3. E17 - Waterline Liner
  4. E21 - Smudge - (All time favorite!)
  5. E36 - Blending 
  6. E46 - Shader - Inner Corner
  7. E47 - Shader - Crease (All time favorite!)
  8. E45 - Shader - Lid
I'm guilty, I do use ALL of them, depending on how detailed my eye make up will be or maybe I just love them so much, I don't want to leave any of them out.  

I will continue adding more Sigma brushes to my collection, highly recommended.

Organized Chica, xox

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