Baby Angela

April 8, 2014

Let me introduce to you Baby Angela.  She has an amazing story to tell that I wish to share with all of you. 

Baby Angela was diagnosed with Anencephaly, absence of a major portion of the brain, skull, and scalp that occurred during her embryonic development.  Her parents were given the option to terminate the pregnancy due to the fact that there was close to none survival rate for Angela at birth.  Doctors told Baby Angela's parents that she was only living because she was attached to her mother. The chances of her surviving birth or even staying alive for a couple of minutes was the cruel reality they had to face.  Her parents decided to continue with the pregnancy despite of whatever outcome.

Baby Angela was born at 6:35 on Sunday, March 23rd and to much surprise, she was alive! Minutes, hours and days have gone by and Baby Angela is still alive! She proved her doctors wrong, she is a fighter!

I can't explain to you the impact this little one has had on me.  I have the honor and privilege of knowing her and her family.  Their love, faith and strength is what keeps them all going.  Baby Angela has touched the hearts of many people worldwide.

Babies will always have a soft spot in my heart for many reasons but Baby Angela has definitely left her footprints in mine.

We're not sure how long Baby Angela will stay with us since unfortunately there is no cure for her but we know that we will never forget her.

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Thank you reading.

Organized Chica, xox


  1. So precious. May Jehovah bless her

  2. So glad these parents, family and friends have had the chance to meet Baby Angela and hope she inspires courage and strength for all who need it!