Cat and Jack by Target for girls

September 16, 2016

Ahh...September, that means school shopping!

I do love it...there is something exciting and fun about building my daughters wardrobe for the upcoming school year.  Of course school shopping means a lot of practical clothing items that are durable and comfortable.  But, it doesn't have to be all boring can still have fun!

I am in love with Target's new brand Cat & Jack.  And my daughter who is quite opinionated loves their stuff too!  How I miss those days I could do all the shopping for her and she would just wear whatever I put out for her for school...those days are, well good thing I found Cat & Jack!

Shirts I bought for under $10
Cat & Jack Have Fun Today Graphic T-Shirt
Cat & Jack Heart Graphic T-Shirt
Need to go back to Target for this one, love the message:

Cat & Jack Donut Bully Graphic T-Shirt
And my daughter lives in leggings during the school year. She has has made it clear that there are not to be any jeans in her school wardrobe, as the buttons give her anxiety for those quick bathroom emergencies!  Again I have to be practical, yet fun!  These leggings only $5 and are made out of cotton.  Love them! Bought one in almost every color, here are a few patterns we loved:

Cat & Jack Scallop Print Leggings
Cat & Jack Kitty Leggings
And let's not forget shoes...this brand also makes the most trendy yet comfy shoes, bought these for my daughter and they were under $20!

Cat & Jack Olga Moccasin

I hope this brand stays around...I cannot wait to see what they will come out with for winter!

Happy Shopping!

And for those of you who do not enjoy this as is a few funnies for you!

Love, Stylish Mama  


  1. Love the wine part! Thanks for the tips, now with my grand baby I could shop away at Target. The PJ are so cute!

    1. Yes mama! Now that you are a Glam-Ma! Enjoy that beautiful boy and thank you for the love!