Laura Geller Makeup Kit Review

March 26, 2014

I have been a fan of Laura Geller products for quite sometime now.  I have always loved her line of eye shadow, bronzer, and blush.

As I was shopping for a new makeup kit to spruce up my "daily look" - I came back to an old favorite, but one that has been updated a bit.
Laura Geller has really improved her products with her "Baked Collection."

I read reviews and did some research on her kit called Baked Confections Collection.  And thought it would be a good purchase as it came with medium sized products.  It included: color-correcting foundation, blush and brighten, three eye-shadows in one compact case, and cherry almond lipstick. (as well as the two brushes shown below)

The beautiful shimmery palette is what drew me in!

I have to say the foundation is a miracle worker...for a girl with rosacea (redness) like me.  I get the pink blotchy marks on my cheek line and on my with the color-correcting pigments in the foundation I actually get an overall smooth look.  Goodbye to the red!

However, I can't stress enough to get a primer! It will make sure your makeup stays with you all day!! Or as Miss Laura Geller calls it, Spackle!  (which is not included in the kit shown above)

This product is totally worth the investment!  I prefer the tinted spackle. The color is actually very light and if anything adds a little more of a "lush" look to your makeup.  If you use it, you will see that it smooths out your makeup once applied on top of the primer.

Another fun tip for this kit is that the eye shadow trio includes a "highlighting" shadow...which you can use under your eyes or in the corner of your eyes to make your eyes "pop."  I also use it as a highlighter and brightener...I add a strip down the bridge of my nose and to top of my cheeks.  Great fresh and glowing look!

The only part of this kit that I was not super impressed with the cherry almond lipstick.  I felt like it was not a flattering color on it's own. Very "fleshy"  color and when it dries it gets matted...I prefer a lip gloss look so maybe it was just me who did not prefer the finish look.

Over all,I think this is a great starter kit for her line of products. I am glad I got it and now I know which products I will invest in for the bigger sizes.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Stylish Mama

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