How do I clean....?

March 25, 2014

In case you are still working on your Spring Cleaning list or just wondering how to clean certain items or spaces in your home, I wanted to share a couple of sites that I reference to either figure out the best way to clean something or to make sure I stay on track and not miss a spot in my home with my list.

1. Clean My Space - Melissa has brought the fun into cleaning.  Her YouTube videos are right on point and full of energy.  She's my #1 choice if I need to learn how to clean something in particular.

2. Stain Solutions - This site is actually really cool because all you need to do is filter or scroll down to find your stain and it provides you with instructions on how to treat and remove your stubborn stain.

3. Pinterest - oh come on! you knew this was coming.  What can't you possibly find in Pinterest? Just type in the word "cleaning" and the results are endless.  

4. The Apron Blog from Home Depot - search for the words "spring cleaning" and you get awesome tutorials on how to clean and manage outdoor cleaning projects.  

The resources are endless, these were just a few to get you started.

Happy Cleaning, 

Organized Chica, xox

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