5 Fab Friday

March 28, 2014

Things we are loving/wanting/dreaming of on this Friday

Stylish Mama:

1. Poppy & Pinecone

A while back I saw a few of their prints on Pinterest and I took a liking to their artwork right away.  I love the bright yet soft hews their prints have.  I am thinking of getting one for my home.  Here are a few that I am loving and eyeing.



This Stunning Aster Flared Dress from Anthropologie is absolutely stunning!  Its made out of silk and has beautiful pops of red. I am in love! Gorgeous!

Organized Chica:

Ava Headchain $25
The Vanessa $25
I am in love with these head pieces from Skyy Collection.  They are beautiful, stylish and affordable.  Can't wait for the warmer weather to wear these with my dresses.  


Have you ever been using your phone and you have a "Mr. Nosy" or "Miss I Want to See Too" looking over your shoulder just to see what you are doing on your phone? Well I recently purchased these Privacy Screen Protectors and I love it! People from certain angles won't be able to see what you see on your cell at all.  No need to worry about "Mr. Creepy" looking over, he won't see much.  Search online or go to your local mall to find a variety of prices.   

Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica:


Saw this on Pinterest and couldn't help but share this little bit of spring cleaning humor.  

Love, Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica, xox


  1. Number 5 though!! Pretty accurate.

    1. hee, hee, you know we are all guilty of the "winter look!" :)

  2. Lol... love #5 shhh .. GUILTY! Nice to feel like a woman again...