Daniella's Style

March 4, 2014

I have to say I love having a girl!
For so many reasons, but the fashion lover in me really loves one part more than others...You probably guessed it by now...but yes I will now state the obvious, it's dressing her!

I often find myself checking out the children's section first in most stores seeing what's new.  So I figured I would start blogging about how I dress my four year old, and some of the items I find for her. I will try and provide links to any items that can be found on-line. Now to introduce my little mini Stylish Mama.

Here are photos of Daniella wearing items from Gap Kids and Old Navy

The jacket did not come with the belt, I added it to give it a little more style...J. Crew Girls Glitter Belt

The Jacket is from Gap Kids - Winter Collection (not in stores) 

Old Navy Heart T-Shirt (not the exact one shown here, but similar style for the spring 
the one above is long sleeves and can be found in the store

I love how two braids can be crossed for a natural looking headband

And lastly, I took this photo by a big birch tree with my iphone while we were outside taking photos - I just can't get over how beautiful she looked with the added touch of snowflakes falling on her head. My little winter princess.

Well there you have it...Styling Daniella is a lot of fun and I will enjoy it as much as I can get as I know one day she may not want her mama picking out here outfit. Stay tuned as I will try and post more of Daniella's style here on the blog!

Love, Stylish Mama

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