Countdown to Spring!

March 18, 2014

Spring officially starts this week! Who is excited as I am? What comes to mind when you think of Spring?

  • Warmth
  • Birds chirping
  • Longer day light 
  • Pastel colors
  • Lighter clothing
  • Flowers growing
  • Babies
  • Weddings
and the list continues but want to know what I'm super duper excited about the most???  

Spring Cleaning!!!

Oh yes! I want to do a little happy dance right now! I know that in New England its quite cold still but the idea that Spring is among us and we are starting to see the weather change is enough to get this Chica with her groove on. I know you must think I'm a little loca en la cabeza (crazy in the head) but this is my happy time.  And you are all coming for the ride.  I have compiled a list of things that I need, ok want, to get done this Spring. Hope you are reading this Mr. Handyman! 

To start off my Spring Cleaning, I first needed to organize my time so I could take full advantage of the longer daylight and not feel overwhelmed with the long list of tasks that I created based on personal needs and recommendations from other bloggers I follow that are a pro on this.    My goal is to give myself a deadline for each task, 3 months to get this house looking spic and span.  This is where my time management will come into play.  We will discuss that in a future post.

For now, I just wanted to share with you that I will be doing Spring Cleaning Challenges for you to do as well.  Don't worry, we will start off small.  


Remember how I said that Spring can remind you of babies, well about two weeks ago, I had a very small baby shower in my home for a friend.  It was a last minute quick gathering to celebrate and help out our friend who is such a ball of energy and fun.  Here are a few shots that my dear friend Marie took while I running around.  (Thank you Marie!!)

I wanted to keep it very simple and within a budget.  My GO-TO stores were the Christmas Tree Shop, Dollar Store and Michael's for decorations. I bought the tasty hors d'oeuvre at Sam's Club, quick to make and so yummy. Not to mention my "party bin" that I keep stocked with goodies for occasions like these.  One thing that I love of my group of friends, is that we are all happy to pitch in with anything that is needed.  Each of them contributed with either a food item or drink making it easier for everyone.  We played two games and the winners got Starbucks goodies as a prize and all the moms gave the new mommy their best advice or tip.  At the end of it all, we had tons of fun.

Doesn't this remind you of Spring?

Happy Organizing, 

Organized Chica

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