Container Store Spring Organization Sale

March 27, 2014

I love me a sale! I love my Container Store! I love me some Spring!  Combine them together and you get one awesome event!! Let me share with you some of my picks.

Bronze Classico Scarf Organizer 
Time to take out all your pretty light scarves and have them setup for easy access in your closet or hanging on a hook on the wall.  Sale $5.99

Quilted Handbag Shapers
Time to switch out your purses for the lighter and brighter ones! Store your winter purses using these bag shapers that help your purses keep their shape and last longer. Sale 9.99-29.99

Our Boot Box 
Get your sandals out and put your boots away in the boot box to store them away for the Spring/Summer. $7.49

Long Underbed Box with Wheels

With limited storage space homes or apartments have, we need to use concealed spaces to store away seasonal items.  I store away all my Winter accessories like scarves, hats, gloves, etc in this container.  Sale 18.74

Canvas 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer
I mostly wear my jewelry in the warmer weather so to have it visible and organized makes picking out my accessories quicker.  You can hang in the closet or behind the door on a hook.  Sale 17.99

Happy Shopping and Organizing,

Organized Chica

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