eyeing swimwear

March 6, 2014

So its the dreaded time of year.  When I recently went shopping this past weekend I noticed most stores have their swimwear line out already. I am not ready to be tortured to try on swimwear...I of course would like to shed my 5 added "winter pounds"...and then some...before I actually go swimwear shopping.  But to be honest...I also hate missing out on the best swimsuits early in the spring as they do tend to sell out quickly.  Today I am sharing with you all some of the swimsuits I am loving right now.  And of course coverups that will help if we haven't had the luxury of losing those extra winter pounds.

And I will say, there are few things in life you shouldn't skimp on as far as investing in for your wardrobe.  And undergarments and bathing suits are definitely in this category...when you spend the extra to invest in a good suit, it shows.

And for my favorite part of today's pics...cute cover-ups:

So I actually started this week prepping for summer.  I joined a workout boot/camp style class for this month...and I am hoping to get outdoors once the warmer weather is here to get back into my walking routine.

My best advise when shopping for swim-wear.  Don't be too hard on yourself!  And never trust a fun house mirror - you know the ones the put in the department stores that make you look a certain way and when you get home and try on your bathing suit in a REAL mirror you look totally different!

If all else fails, grab a good friend, go out for a pre-shopping cocktail and then go looking for the perfect swim suit, I guarantee you will find one and if not, well you will have had a good time trying!

Love, Stylish Mama


  1. Ok....Love the onr eith the bows. Any advice for a similar one for those on a budget?

  2. Farrah, I do too! I have often seen Marshalls and TJ Maxx carry Juicy Couture Bathing Suits for half the cost. I would keep my eyes open, it's just hit or miss when it comes to finding stuff there. :)

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