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October 21, 2013

Disney World!!!!

I have not been to the world of Disney since I was the young age of 13.
I don't think I am nearly as excited as my husband who has been to parks in Disney but never stepped foot in the Magic Kingdom.  Or as excited as my three year old daughter who keeps asking when we will go see Cinderella's castle!

Prepping our trip to Disneyworld has taught me one thing...the need to be ORGANIZED. (Organized Chica would be so proud)

There is so much to plan for, there is so much to see, and there is so much you don't want to forget!

One thing I am loving so far in my planning is the My Disney Experience Mobile-App.  This app is way cool and has helped me (typical first time mom) keep my cool!

If you are ever planning on taking a trip with the family - this is a must have!
We have ordered our magic bands and are hoping with this app - we can keep all of our "wishes" and "dreams" organized with one touch of a button.

Gotta love Disney!  (so smart those people who work for them)

I have also learned how grateful I am for tips from friends and family who have had the pleasure of often visiting and or those who have recently visited Disney.

Some tips I have learned so far are:

1. Make reservations as soon as you book your trip!  Some places were booked even though I had called 6 months prior to us going.

2. Disney allows you to carry in food and drink - big money saver

3. Bring a filtered water you can ask any restaurant or eating establishment for water.

4. The Pin exchange for kids - we have had two friends tell us about this and our 3 year old is hooked up with her own lanyard and many pins to trade - so we are psyched! (thanks guys!)

And...I also have kept a mental note of what rides their kids might have not loved at age 3 or what rides if a long wait time exists are not worth waiting for.

So in saying that,  I am hoping I can get some helpful hints from any of you readers who may know the ins and outs of Disney.  If there is anything I could learn or must know, please feel free to leave a comment below as I so appreciate all I have learned thus far!

I spent most of today finalizing packing and all I know is besides all my daughters essentials, I made sure to pack my vacation favorites:

sandals (check)
new super cute cat-eye sunglasses (check)
fun floral print Kate Spade purse (check)
sun screen (check)
and maxi dresses (check)

All the others are there too - but for some reason those packed items scream VACATION to me!

Hope to share more with you about my journey to see the magical world of Disney!

Love, Stylish Mama

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