Fall Organizing: Sandals and Bathing Suits

October 8, 2013

It's that time of year that I have to accept that I really won't be wearing sandals and bathing suits since we have entered Fall here in the New England states.  Although with the warmer days we have had lately, I might be tempted to take my sandals out for one last stroll.  Anyone with me?

I decided to share with you two quick organizing tips that I do to take care of my sandals and bathing suits during the winter months.

Good time to make sure to get rid of those unused bathing suits or those sandals that you didn't wear once all summer.  Remember to donate items that are still in good use.

Bathing suits:

- Make sure all items are properly washed prior to storing away
- Fold up and store away in a small plastic container.

I bought my bin a while ago but here's the link to the same bin with a different color top.  You can find them at Joanne's Fabric. I really like this storage bin because it's very durable and the top clasps securely.  The handle is a bonus.


Now I am sure that there are women out there that have way more sandals then what I show below.  These are mostly my flats and wedges.  My high heels I keep separate.  I just want to show you how I store my sandals to preserve them for next year until they need to be replaced or thrown out.

- Make sure to clean the soil off from your sandals before storing them away to avoid erosion or stains from appearing.

I bought my under the bed shoe organizer at Bed Bath & Beyond. Shoes stay protected and you can tuck this away under your bed or any furniture.  

These are two simple and quick solutions that many may have not thought of.  So many times, I see in a clients home, all their shoes thrown into a crate or the bottom of the closet floor.  If we were to add up how much money you have spent on shoes alone, shoes are in a way an investment. I'm sure you would think about it twice before just throwing them into some corner.  

Hope these tips helped. 

Let me know what you do to store your summer favorites.  Comment below. 

Happy Organizing!!!

Organized Chica xox

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