Happy Monday!

October 28, 2013

Hola!! Why does the weekend always fly by?  Two days is never enough especially when there is so much to do.  Well I hope you enjoyed yours and are well rested to start off this week with a positive mind.  I know of someone who enjoyed their weekend and her fun STILL continues, Stylish Mama!! That's right! Stylish Mama is on a well deserved family trip to Disney! How cool is that?! If you want to know what this Stylish family is up to this week, make sure to follow their Instagram account @the_3_stachowteers.

On another note, we had promised to share with you a few mini videos we recorded while we were at the Electric Run at Gillette Stadium this month.  The quality isn't the best, sorry, but we thought we would share them with you anyways.  That means WE HAVE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT! YIAY! 

Videos in the future? Maybe
Tutorials? Maybe
Cooking Recipes? Maybe
Vlogging? Maybe
Possibilities are endless.  We're just brainstorming, let us know what you think.  

Hope these videos got you pumped for next years run!

Feliz Lunes!

Organized Chica - xox

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