Setting up a quick savings plan

January 21, 2014

Who doesn't struggle to save money? I think we all can relate.  Or maybe you are a person that is financially stable and my hats off to you.  But there is always that one thing we want to either buy or do, like my trip to Fiji!!!! Who's with me? Ok! Ok! back to reality.  The point here is to create a quick savings plan.  There are endless options out there, and I'm sure a financial adviser wouldn't be too keen on this one but when a friend told me about it, I did my research and I'm loving it!

To my fellow Pinterest pinners, I'm sure you have seen this one before.  I couldn't find where this plan originated from, but so far, this is working for me.

I present to you the 52 Week Money Challenge: the idea is that for every week of the year, you set aside the amount corresponding to that number of the week. Example: Week 1 you save a $1, Week 2 you save $2, Week 3 you save $3.  At the end of week 3 you have a total of $6.  The goal is to have saved close to $1,400 at the end of the year.  There are many variations to this plan so pick which version you like and try it out.  Saving money never hurt anyone.

Are you with me?

Happy Savings!

Organized Chica - xox


  1. The 52 Week Money Double Challenge is very interesting. I stumbled across this on Pinterest and found it to something I'd like to try. Thanks for sharing this idea!


    1. Glad you find it interesting. Hope it works out for you. It's awesome.

  2. Just printed both, one we can use to save for Disney and the other to add to our children's savings account annually. Thanks for the great printable!