5 Fab Friday

January 10, 2014

5 Things we are loving/wanting/dreaming of on this Friday

Are you ready to watch some football??!!  Big game tomorrow for our local team the New England Patriots. I think its fair to say both Organized Chica and Stylish Mama are not huge football fans, however we do enjoy a good football game party!  And we support our local team here in New England! Football party time has arrived!

Stylish Mama:

Who says football gear has to be for guys only? There are some seriously cute items out there for us ladies to sport at any football game party! And some cute sparkly festive nails makes it ultra girly!

Buffalo Wings, yum!  I am such a wing fan, I love all kinds...but football = buffalo wings, plus I think they pair really well with a nice cold margarita!

Organized Chica:

Gillette Stadium - Home of the New England Patriots.  Nothing says home like our stadium, this place is amazing.  Had the privilege of going to the stadium for different events.  I was able to walk the field and get behind the scene walk of certain sections.  This stadium is one of a kind.  


If I'm going to wear a jersey, why not do it in style?  I was just eyeing the ProShop, very cute things for the female fans.  It even has sequins...a little bling bling won't do any harm.  Who says you can't look cute in sporty clothes?

Stylish Mama Meets Organized Chica's Favorite:



  1. Got invited to a football party tomorrow night, of course the room will be rooting for the "other team". :-) I should bling up my style, thanks for the tips!

  2. Gotta Represent! :) Glad we can inspire you to bling it up. Have a Bling Bling time- xoxo! - Stylish Mama