5 FAB Friday

January 17, 2014

5 Things we are loving/wanting/dreaming of on this Friday

Being that January is organization month, we decided we would do our 5 FAB Friday on some of our favorite organized items that make our lives easier and well...more organized!

Stylish Mama:

Step 2 Desk
My three year old loves to do arts and crafts.  She especially enjoys coloring, and painting. We found it a challenge to keep my daughters art supplies all together in one neat organized fashion.  So just a few months ago we invested in a Step Two Desk system for her "office" which is right next to her daddy's work from home desk.  And believe me, its been worth every penny.  We love that her stuff is right there for to use whenever she wants, but it also is kept neat and tidy.  Gotta love training to be organized at this age!

Pocket Over Door Shoe Organizer

A girl who loves shoes, has to to have a home for them right? This particular one shown above is from the Container Store. I bought mine years ago from a home store.  I really love this system as its easy to use and keeps me organized.  I use mine daily and actually need a new one as I have had mine for over a decade. The one I have has ripped in a few spots...that tells you how much I use it!  Time for a trip to the container store!

Organized Chica: 

PB Hampton Vanity Tower & Super Set

I have had my eye on this set for years now.  What is there not to love about it? It combines the two things that we are all about, STYLE and ORGANIZATION. Each tower has a set of 6 drawers and 2 adjustable shelves with your personal vanity in the middle.  Having your hair products/tools, makeup and accessories all in one place makes getting ready a snap.  I wish I could have this in my home.

IKEA SKUBB Box Set of 6

Let me tell you that I love this product!! I use these in my organization projects.  What I love more is the price, $7.99!! Cha-ching! I use these inside my drawers to organize my socks and underwear.  These cloth boxes are gentle on your clothing so its perfect to use inside your drawers or closets to keep those small items contained.  

Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica: 


source unknown
Found this Infographic on Pinterest and we wanted to share.  Its a good reminder on how to manage your time.

Happy Friday!!

Love, Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica, xox

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