Organization: setting and reaching your goals

January 14, 2014

"I will go to the gym"
"I want to spend more time with my family"
"I will work on my temper"

"I will start eating healthy"
"I will travel more" 

...and the list continues.  We live with the mentality that a new year means a fresh start, erase all and start from zero.  Although it can be the case for some things in our lives, we shouldn't have to wait for a brand new year to set goals and work on achieving them.  Goals can be set at any point of our lives and we can make plans to work towards them.  Everyone is different and you have to ultimately do what works for you and your family.

Create a habit: You all know how much I love Pinterest.  Well I found this Pin that makes total sense.  I haven't tried it yet but I plan on incorporating this technique this month and let you know how it goes.  Its a way on how to help you form a habit.  The idea is that you write up and stick on a wall or somewhere visible, 21 or more sticky notes or page markers.  Once you complete the new habit you want to start incorporating in your life, i.e. working out, you remove a sticky note.  Its a visual helping aid.  You can't reach your goal, i.e. working out, if you don't start a habit of actually doing it.


Personally, if I say that this year I will do something, its probably not going to happen, for many reasons.  I'm looking at a whole year in front of me so I will keep postponing it to later. (Oh, I'll do that later or I'll do that this summer)  Sound familiar? This is why setting deadlines to your goals will help.  You are more prone to following through with your goal if you just concentrate on a game plan for the next month or the next 3 months, instead of the entire year, which can be overwhelming.

Also, breaking down your goals would be more realistic, which goes hand in hand with deadlines.  Example: you want to start eating healthy, well start on your breakfast.  Plan your meals, swap your fast food breakfast for a smoothie in the morning and try that for a week or two.  Once you are in a habit of having a healthy breakfast, start planning your lunches and snacks and so forth.

To make a dramatic change all at once can be more stressful on you then gradually making changes.

Lastly, share your goals with friends/family if you feel comfortable with that.  Nowadays with social media, you can publicly post your progress and get great encouragement from your loved ones.  This will help you stick to your goal.

Here's a recap and a few more pointers:

Feel free to share your goals with us, we would love to hear them and provide encouragement.

Happy Organizing!!

Organized Chica

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