5 FAB Friday

January 24, 2014

5 Things we are loving/wanting/dreaming of on this Friday during this frigid Polar Vortex of a winter we are having!

Stylish Mama:

Micheal Kors Quilted Puffer Jacket
Although I always swore I wouldn't buy nor wear a PUFFER jacket...when I finally did buy my Micheal Kors Chocolate Brown down filled puffer jacket...I was happy I did.  Its warm, sort of cute, and functional in the New England region.  My best friend during the nasty polar vortex we have been experiencing! Hello Zero Degrees and Below, I will ward you off with my MK PUFFER!

Hunter Fleece Insert Socks

Anyone else hate when your whole body can finally warm up but your tootsies remain ice cold!
Once my toes are cold, I can never really seem to be comfortable outside in the cold.  So when I discovered Hunter Boots makes fleece socks inserts...I bought the cream and now want to add every color shown above to my collection!  And I hate to admit it, but I also wear a pair of normal socks underneath these. Love it when my feet are warm and dry!

Organized Chica:


Now these boots I would buy from UGG.  I LOVE white! These look warm and definitely heavy duty.  I'm getting ready for a trip to the mountains so I'm looking for the best attire to keep me warm but looking stylish! 


I've always wanted a Faux Fur White hat, warmth and elegance.  Maybe I can purchase one for my trip to the mountains, lets see.  I just feel it gives you the very feminine look but yet functional because it shields you from the cold.  

5.  Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica:

It's scarf season so here are some ideas on how to style yours.  Try them out and tag us on Instagram to show us how you wear your scarf during the winter.

Happy Friday,

Love, Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica - xox

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