For the Love of OMBRE!

September 12, 2013

Many reasons how I can count thee love for the hairstyle of Ombre! 
  1.  It’s fun!  (think about rocking more than one color at a time)
  2. It’s perfect for my wavy unruly hair – if I decide not to straighten my hair – it still looks pretty good!
  3. And my favorite reason…IT’S ECONOMICAL!  (read on to see why)
The word Ombre is French for having colors or tones that shade into each other - a transition from a dark color to lighter tips.  There are many ways to accomplish this hair style – my favorite way is to walk into the salon and see my favorite hair stylist Vanessa (she is amazing!)  However I know some girls who can rock the hair highlighting on their own.

I have often had conversations with my hair stylist about how carefree and low maintenance the ombre really is.  I am embarrassed to admit that ever since I became a mommy – I am sitting in that salon chair less and less these days.  So when I found a hairstyle and looks just as good two or even three months out from the first day getting it done – I was hooked! I never have to fear my roots being exposed – because guess what – the highlights are suppose to fall lower!  (GENIUS)

I was sporting a summer ombre up until last week – I am finally coming to grips with the fact that fall is right around the corner and I have to switch the hair up too.  Leaving my summer kissed hair and transitioning more to a darker tone on the top.  But guess what…my tips were able to stay!  Such an easy transition!

Here is my before and after of summer – to fall color

Oh and a little beauty find while at the salon!

My hair stylist used the Redken Product Smooth Lock Stay Sleek* – looks like this:

Wow, the bottle had a hair description that hit home -made for UNRULY hair!  - hello – ME!!

Check out the benefits from the bottle:

Lock in frizz free smoothness for up to 3 shampoos.* Heat activated formula tames, nourishes and seals hair cuticles for a sleek, compacted look. Eases blow drying of dry and unruly hair

And again the economical side of me says  - I don’t have to use this product every day – it lasts up to 3 shampoos – yes little bottle – you are coming home with me!

I have been using this since – and have noticed a difference in my hair already.  And if I can get a little help making my unruly hair behave – I will take it.

Happy hair styling!
Love, Stylish Mama!

*I am not being sponsored by the Redken company


  1. That's a great reason to love the ombre, but when you have grey roots growing in you have to get the roots touched up pretty regular. :( That Redken Product Smooth Lock Stay Sleek sounds great, i'll have to check it out! I have fallen in love with the Redken Diamond Oil, my hair loves it too! We have the same hairdresser, so we know about the joys of a GREAT one!!!! Great post, thanks!!!

  2. Love the Diamond oil too!!! My hair needs products like that - such unruly locks that I have!! We have the best stylist there is! I agree! :)