We are back!!!

June 2, 2014

Have you missed us?

We missed blogging!

To tell you the truth things have been crazy busy over here for both Organized Chica and myself.  We both work in the same office together for our secular jobs.  And recently we have been under a new restructure.  So with anything it takes some time getting use to them.  I should also mention Organized Chica received a promotion at work.  I am so proud of her!!  Such a beauty and has the brain power behind it too!

Also, this past weekend we both had co-celebrated our anniversaries with our husbands.  Her anniversary with her husband is actually this month and I just celebrated mine in May.  So we decided we would go to one of favorite places to dine in RI.  Spain restaurant, of Cranston, RI.

Organized Chica and Stylish Mama pre-dinner at Spain, RI

Have you ever been?

Photos from Spain, website

This is what we had for dinner? Are you hungry yet?
Swordfish ~ Paella ~ Pork Tenderloins with Mashed Potato

Bread Pudding ~ Cheesecake with a Creme Brulee top layer

If, not...what are you waiting for?

Everyone takes a bathroom selfie with their BFF right?

So getting back to the restaurant...the food is simply amazing.  And the service and presentation is always on point.

We both order the same dish each time - and share it.
Paellla for two.  Which actually feeds 4!  Its huge!

We had a fabulous time and I think I can speak for the both of us in saying...we are so fortunate to have met and married two amazing guys!

My hubby actually surprised me with tickets to see John Legend tonight in concert!!  I am so excited.  I really have loved his music for years now...but I know this year especially his music has taken off so much.  It should be a fun romantic night out...and guess what...its in the 80's here in New England.  So it finally feels like summer!!!! Or should I say...Summah!!!

Thank you to all of patient and kind readers who understood our little break last week.
But now that we are back...we want to be better than ever!

Love, Stylish Mama


  1. I have been DYING to go to Spain.. I hear the sangria is one of the best you can get!! Thanks for reminding me of this restaurant!! Happy Anniversary to both of you!

    1. You have to go!! Their food is amazing! And you have to make room for dessert. Make Steve take you! :) xoxo Kim