Sick Caddy

June 18, 2014

Not a happy camper today.  The weather is in the high 80s and I'm stuck at home with a bad cold.  Why? Argh I feel awful! Headache, head pressure, hacking up a lung, blowing my nose constantly.  Let's not forget the tissues, vicks, cough drops and the list continues.  You get the picture.

Well since today I've mostly been sleeping and don't feel like getting up to get water or get more cough drops, I just corralled all my necessities into a small box.  I would prefer a basket but didn't have one and you need to work with what you have at home so let me share with you my version of  the "sick caddy".

Everyone's necessities are different so just gather what you need.  Mine are tissues, water bottle, vicks, crackers, lozenges and essential oil for my headache.

Nothing special friends but the convenience is great!

Well I hope you are all enjoying your day, I'm hitting the covers again. Go away cold!!!

Happy Organizing,
Organized Chica, xox

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