May Favorites...A little of everything

June 3, 2014

May was a very hectic and crazy month and I am hoping that June will be better.  As Stylish Mama mentioned in yesterdays post, we have had a lot of changes in our 9-5 job and its been overwhelming at times, taking a toll on us in many ways.  Change can be bumpy at times and sometimes it takes time to learn how to ride the waves.  Meanwhile I try to juggle everything else and somehow get some energy back, I am determined to enjoy my summer to the fullest! I was looking back in the month of May and apparently stress makes me eat So I thought I would share with you a few of my favorites for the month of May, a little of everything.

Best steak tip dinner hands down!!!!! You must try.
Conrads Restaurant:
Steak Tips Dinner w/ mashed potatoes

I posted this on Instagram when I went, this place is so cool.  Everything is organic and full of flavor.  Definitely a place to check out if your in the Providence area.
Flatbread Company

I can't tell you how much I love, love, love seafood! Combine it with rice and other flavors and you have one of my favorite dishes, Paella.  Now I have had my share of Paellas and ladies and gents, this place, for me, is the place to go to eat it.  Its amazing! Don't take my word for it, go try it out for yourself. Paella, Portuguese style. Not to mention that the restaurant has a beautiful courtyard. 
Riviera Restaurant: Paella

This Portuguese restaurant doesn't disappoint ever.  The service, the food, the prices, the drinks...etc its all excellent. I usually get their roasted chicken with fries and this time we wanted to try something new, wow! 
Churrascaria Marques Grill & Restaurant:
 House Shrimp, Sangria, Surf & Turf

My favorite water of all time, I know that many may be like what's the big deal but FIJI water is so yummy.  I can tell the difference or maybe my brain plays tricks on me since visiting FIJI is an ultimate dream.  Then there's San Pellegrino, whose Mineral Water I love as well but I wanted to try the Blood Orange drink.  Oh my this is so good! 

I think you can notice my trend of favorite things! FOOD!! lol  What can I say? I can eat!

I also wanted to share two sayings that I found at my local Home Goods, anyone go in there wishing to buy the entire store? I know I do. I want everything for my house.

To finish off my post, I'll share with you one of my favorite moments in the month of May.  BamBam has always had a hard time relaxing in the car so to see him enjoy the breeze brought a smile to my face.  We had a family day at Newport and we took him, he loves it as much as his mama does.  BamBam was enjoying the ocean breeze.  Doesn't he look absolutely adorable? 

How was your May? 

Happy June, 
Organized Chica, xox

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