Styling your Pool

June 9, 2014

Who doesn't enjoy a good pool day?  I know myself, I am always a kid again when at the pool.

Now that summer weather is finally here, I cannot wait to be at the pool.  Sunglasses on, favorite swimsuit on, cocktail in one hand and a book in the other. Here are a few cute things that could make your pool or your friends pool (which would be the case for me) into a fun place to hang out!

Mod-Cloth Donut float
Adorable right? Why not incorporate some fun floats that both kids and adults can enjoy!

West Elm Pom Pom Throws
Pom Pom's are the in accessory for clothing, scarves and now blankets and throws.  Love these fun colors for the summer.  Why not hang hooks outside your home so these can be ready to grab...or maybe a basket with a few of them near your lounge chairs...speaking of...

Target Threshold - Bryant Patio Chairs
Love this sleek and modern style for lounging...say good bye to the tacky plastic lawn furniture.
And with lounging, you should have a bar cart near by...

Target Threshold Bryant Bart Cart

Now you need outdoor glassware for the cart right? But you wouldn't want anything that is breakable by the pool. When I was in Pottery Barn last time I was eyeing these outdoor "glassware"  - I swear you would think these are glass...just ask Organized Chica.  Her and I kept picking them up and tapping disbelief that they were plastic.  So real looking!

Potter Barn Outdoor Pitcher and Tumblers

Lastly why not have a fun book to have on display for your pool guests to flip threw...

Vintage Swimwear by Jill Salen

This book is full of neat photos of Vintage Swimwear and the history behind them.  Fun reading for any fashion girl!

Happy Summer my friends.
See you at the pool!

Love, Stylish Mama


  1. Love that pitcher set. Will have to find it online

    1. Isn't it pretty?? we thought so! The link is under the picture of the pitcher - and I believe the pitcher and tumblers are on sale this week :)