5 Fab Friday

June 6, 2014

Things we are loving/wanting/dreaming of on this Friday

Stylish Mama: 

1. Recently with my new role at work I have been getting really into "styling" my desk.  I find it helps to personalize my work space with those little touches that helps make me smile and or happy.  It's the little things...
I have been really gravitating to hot pink as my "happy color" for my desk.  Tell me any girl who loves cake wouldn't love this??

Kate Spade Eat Cake for Breakfast Paperweight

Holding my ticket...in disbelief that I was about to see John Legend perform!

If you hadn't heard already - I saw John Legend last Monday Nite at Hanover Theater in Worcester, MA. And man oh man did he not disappoint.  My favorite part of the show was how intimate it all felt.  He opened up by saying he wanted all those in the audience to feel like they were hanging out with him in his living room.  And that is how it really felt.  If you ever get the opportunity to see this man live.  Do it! And go with someone you love...makes it all that much better.

Organized Chica:


Cirque Du Soleil - Alma/Luna
Last night our dear friends took us to see a Cirque Du Soleil show in Boston, MA.  I love Cirque Du Soleil, this is my third show and they never disappoint.  I saw them perform in Las Vegas when I went a few years ago and since then we are hooked.  If you have a chance to catch their show in your area, please do so.  Their story line, their talents, the lighting, the details, its all amazing! Thank you once again Marie and Roly - Cirque Du Soleil will always be our "thing". 


Who is a Soccer fan?  I am!!! Big Soccer fan!! So I am excited for the Fifa World Cup to start in 6 days! I was brought up watching soccer and going to the games.  I attended games during the World Cup '94.  Soccer is huge in Colombia, we joke that you can't call yourself Colombian if you don't like soccer.  I have my favorite teams picked out already and I can't wait to watch them play.  We jump, we laugh, we yell at the TV, it gets intense.  Will you be watching?

Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica:


Let the fun begin!!! 80's this weekend in New England!! Whoo-hoo!!! What will you plan on doing? 

Love, Stylish Mama and Organized Chica xox

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