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May 6, 2014

That time when you admire everyone else grass and yards and wish yours would look half decent.  Ok, well maybe it's just me. Every Spring comes when I just day dream of what my yards can look like.  The potential it has and the oasis I would love to create. 

Here are a few inspirations that I've found on Pinterest that I would like to incorporate in my yard design.  (hint hint Mr. Handyman)

I have to be realistic of my designs, if I had the money and space, my backyard would be magical but I need to think practical here.  I'm picking designs that go very well with my current setup.  The idea of having fire-pit has been on my radar for a long time. 


Covering up my back porch to accommodate for furniture is not a bad idea.  I would fall asleep out there.  It looks so inviting.  Anyone would like a lemonade? 

Doesn't this Pier1 Imports furniture look so cozy and inviting.  I'll settle for this if I can' t afford to redo my yard this summer.  Its the perfect size and I love how you can pull over the cover if you want it or push back.
I have endless amounts of ideas and wishes.  Now if only I could get the Yard Crashers from HGTV to come to my home, I'd be golden.  

Happy daydreaming, 

Organized Chica, xox

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