Preschool shopping

May 14, 2014

If any of you have an infant or even a toddler at home, I am sure you have all given thought and have actually had to ask someone else besides you or your mate to watch your child.  If you are anything like me you get much anxiety with just the thought of your child entering school age...knowing that you no longer have to give it thought, but it's actually going to happen.

My husband I have been doing a little preschool shopping lately.

And I call it shopping, because you in fact are doing just that.  There are many considerations that have to come into play for a good preschool that seems fit for your child.  

Here are a few things that are affecting our decision on where to send her:

1. Cost (big one)....some of these schools in and around our area are so expensive.
2. Location (just like shopping for a home...location, location, location) it needs to be in a location near my work or at least near my home so my husband could get my daughter if she ever becomes sick or if needs a parent to come and pick her up for some reason.
3. Curriculum (some schools focus more on a structured day much like a kindergarten prep...others focus on time)
4. Cleanliness (Huge for me, I am such a clean freak...and most daycare's/preschools do not meet my expectations on cleanliness)
5. Hours (let's be honest...I need to make sure they are open modern day mother working I start my day VERY early...and most daycare's do not open as early as I would like)

And so my list of needs continue to get bigger as I have toured a few preschools thus far.

So I figured I would share a couple of links which has become a helpful tool for me in my "shopping of preschools."

Like anything you want to be organized and have all your questions lined up so you don't forget them.
Don't be afraid to write them all down on a piece of paper and bring it in with you while you tour your preschool.

Also, as a tip...always tour the school while its in full swing...during school hours.
It's good to see the teachers interact and under pressure.  Don't feel funny about asking for a tour during the day when there is a classroom full of children.  If the school does not allow this to happen...well that could be a red flag.

If any you who have been through this process and has any tips, please feel free to share below in the comments section.

Love, Stylish Mama

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