Part 2: The Grand Opening of The Container Store, RI

May 23, 2014

Here is part two of our blogger lunch/tour and lastly photos from the VIP Grand Opening Party!

Ever wonder what you would use these storage containers for?

Wonder no more!  
There are multiple uses and best part about these is that they are clear, 
so you can always tell what it inside without having to open them.

Here is a food station the store made for the desserts -all done with office storage! 
Below is a photo of how they were used...

Such a great idea for the upcoming summer!  
Takes the guessing work out of what to bring and what you need to pack!

Eagle Creek traveling product line! Love them!!

Stylish Straws - LOVE!  Any stylish lady would love these for entertaining guests!

What could make us happier than a private store tour?
Food and a $50 gift card courtesy of The Container Store!  Thank you!!

Best part of the lunch for us was when we won a container...
full of fun goodies from the store.
If you follow us on Instagram you will notice we are featuring some of our finds and our feedback.

Here is a photo taken by the photographer hired by The Container Store.

Organized Chica ordering a cocktail.  
Did we mention this event was Open Bar?

Yummy!!  The seafood station.
Fish cakes, Ceviche, lobster rolls, stuffed clams, and Cava!

Sushi all served on bamboo organizers

Yummy Asian noodles served in adorable takeout containers
 (which you can buy in the store)

Here is the dessert station...adorable macaroons peeking out of the much fun!

At the event we ran into a familiar face...our friend Kristen!

And we also met Kristen's mom...
we now know where she gets her beauty and sweet personality from!

Here us...taken at the end of the night...we danced, we ate, and we had fun!  

And yes, I went on Saturday again. I had to give my mom a personal  And maybe I went again on Sunday, but who is keeping track.  I found this really cool chair that I want for my job, it's suppose to help your posture and work your core.  Big shout out to Leidy, my new Container Store friend! When you visit the store go say hi to her. She's a sweetheart! You can mostly find her in the office section and the woman is knowledgeable.

If you would like to view some of our videos that we recorded at the Container Store, please visit our Facebook page.  These were our first videos so we made our share of mistakes.  Apparently I, Organized Chica, am a camera hog and overly use the word "actually" when I don't even use the word in my everyday vocabulary.

We would love to hear from you all as to what you enjoy most about the store and your first visit.
Happy Shopping and Enjoy the long weekend everyone!!

Love, Stylish Mama and Organized Chica xox

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