Product Review: Seventh Generation

May 8, 2014

Let me start off by saying that these are solely my opinions based on my experience with the product. Everyone may have different results and may prefer some products over others.  That being said, let me give you my honest opinion of two products that I tried this week.

As I finish up with my various cleaning products, I decided that I would do my homework and start replacing them for "greener" and "natural" products.  I'm guilty to say that I've really just stuck to the same products that I've known all along.  They work great, smell great so why change? Well as time has passed on, we all want to do our share to be "green" for health benefits.  A few weeks ago, Stylish Mama made a comment on how bad the fumes are from the traditional cleaning products and I never really thought about it, mind you I'm very sensitive to scents.

On my Target Cartwheel app, I saw the perfect opportunity to try and save on my new adventure.  Seventh Generation products had a 20% off at Target. Perfect!  Target trip!! (Any excuse to shop at Target)  I needed a all-purpose cleaner and a tile shower cleaner.  After making my purchase, it was time to try them out at home.  Cleaning time!! (Yes I get excited about cleaning)

The test consisted of everyone in my household to try them out.  Verdict?

All-Purpose Natural  Cleaner - The product works okay, its not my favorite.  It did its job but didn't leave my surfaces sparkling clean.  This cleaner has no scent whatsoever so if you want an everyday cleaner but can't handle the fumes, this may be the product for you.

Tub & Tile Natural Cleaner - Not for me.  It leaves like a slippery feel to the tub, didn't really cut through the soap scum.  The citrus scent was a good sign that the tub got washed down but nothing else.

Conclusion: Not worth my buck but that is solely my opinion.  They have many other products in their line that I may find that work for me.  I continue on my "greener" and "natural" adventure.  Any suggestions?

Happy Cleaning,

Organized Chica,

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