Part 1: Container Store Blogger Preview Lunch

May 21, 2014

Finally we get to share with you the photos we took during the Blogger Preview for the Container Store at Garden City, Rhode Island.  Let's do a recap!

We were sitting on the area that was going to be used as the dance
floor during the party that same night.

We were given the history of the Container Store while some ate lunch.

Of course we had to take a picture before going on our private tour. 

Peace my people!!! Chill free zone!!! I'm at the CONTAINER STORE!!
Plastic bins in every size!! Endless possibilities.
Shoe bins, boot bins, legos bins, craft bins and on and on...


Pick your color and style!!!

You know we had to stop during our tour to take a picture! Smile!!
Right  next to the dessert area for the Preview Party.

Aisles dedicated to every area of your home,
such as "Shoe Storage" and....
"Shower Caddies & Tub Accessories",
"Countertop Collections & Cosmetic Trays"
and "Cabinet Organizers"

We will take one of the each please!

Use your vertical space to organize and store your bigger items. 

Clearly I was a little too happy here! 

All the way to the right hand corner of the store,
you will find one of our favorite areas, "Office"

Oodles and doodles of nifty organizing things!

Guess what?
The Container Store has a "Container" aisle!

All shapes, sizes and colors!

The store was preparing for the Party Preview that was taking place that same night.  They had different stations prepared using the same products the store sells for organization.  How cool is that? Boxes, trays, bins, drawers, sorter, you name it, they used it to display the food that night.  Here are a few of the stations.

Cheese sandwiches

Mini pulled pork on flatbreads

Veggies with dip

Stay tuned for part 2 where we will share more pictures of this awesome day.

Happy Organizing,

Organized Chica, xox

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