the attack of the stomach bug

February 24, 2014

I have been playing the role of mommy, nurse, and housekeeper the last 24 hours.  My poor four year old is home sick with the stomach bug.  Or as she describes it "My tummy is angry!"
It all started around 4 am on Saturday nite and hadn't stopped till mid morning today.

I am happy to say she was able to eat and sit up without whining every minute that her stomach hurt this morning.  Its so sad to watch them so helpless.  You know its bad when the girl refused Popsicles!

Hope you are all keeping healthy! Good news is it was warmer this past weekend, so this mama enjoyed opening up the windows at home and letting in some fresh air and sunshine!

And the only upside of her being sick is that she is extra snuggly...most days she is too much on the go to want to stop for a snuggle session.
This mama is eating up snuggle time!

We are working on a questionnaire for the blog so that you can get to know us a little better this stay tuned!

Love, Stylish Mama

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