Let it Snow, Let it Snow

February 5, 2014

So we are experiencing a pretty good snow storm here in New England. Over 6 inches here in our town...and its still snowing! Hoping everyone is home safe and sound.  If you do have to go out today, please be safe.

My four year old loves to bake.  She has a slight obsession with baking, more so than cooking.  I am thinking she has the baking gene in her as my father was a pastry chef for many years.  I however am a Betty Crocker of sorts. I like to bake, but I fail horribly every time I try to make something from scratch.

She asked me late last nite if we could bake cupcakes today.

I panicked as I knew I couldn't make them from scratch with her for the first time. She would be horrified and she would probably think homemade cupcakes taste horrible.

So we went to Wally World (the only store open past 9pm in my town). Best part was that we were there with all the crazy wally world shoppers stocking up on milk, eggs, and bread for the storm.

We walked away with baking mix, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers, frosting, and um a whole cart basket full of sugary and salty snacks for the storm.  NOT A GOOD IDEA!  I looked at the basket as I was taking items out to put on the belt and thought to myself "wow, good thing it doesn't snow storm like this all the time!"

Anyway, I did bake.
And our cupcakes came out perfect (thanks Betty!) and she thinks her mom is the coolest baker there is.  Yeah, she will learn one day that most moms in America are great bakers thanks to a box.

The cupcakes also came in handy today with neighbors.  We have great neighbors who will help us with their snow blowers.  So we gave a few to the guys who helped us with snow removal.

and our cupcakes came out pretty cute, I think...

Also wanted to remind you about our giveaway, Rags to Roses!  Only a few more days left - Today if you are snowed in, why not take advantage of your time and sign up!  My girl Organized Chica wrote up an excellent post on how to leave a comment if that is something you are not sure on how to do.

I have some eating to do...thanks Wally World!

Love, Stylish Mama


  1. Looks delish! This put me in the mood to bake!

  2. Awesome! Nothing like baked goodies to make being stuck at home more fun!

  3. One of my favorite snowy day activities is baking and I thought it was a great idea to share some cupcakes with the neighbors! That way you get the joy of baking without eating a dozen cupcakes

  4. Thanks Heather :) it was fun to bake and to share with others!