Saving at Savers!!

December 9, 2013

If any of you know me, you know I love to find a good deal when shopping. 

I was raised by a very savvy and fashionable mom.  My mom showed me how to get fashionable and quality clothing the most affordable ways possible.  My first lesson in shopping as a kid was to march right to the back of the store and find the SALES racks.  Always to shop from the back of the store and then move forward.  Appreciating you can get some really nice things on sale makes you not want those 100% marked up items up front.  I find myself as an adult who has her own spending money on clothing to burn - doing the same thing...walking right to the back and making my way to the front of the store when shopping.  Thanks mom!  :)

One way you can buy really nice clothing for an affordable price is to go to consignment/thrift stores.  A few years ago a chain of thrift stores by the name of Savers came into our area.  I will say the first time I visited there I was VERY overwhelmed by the store.  But I didn't let the overwhelming feeling of hectic shopping overcome me.  Remember a true shopper loves to hunt for the sale or the find of the century!

Savers being a chain has some perks:
1. It's BIG - lots of clothes, household items, toys, shoes
2. Its organized by departments: Men, Women, and kids...also household items
3. It's also organized within each department by types of clothing - example: sweaters, coats,   shirts...and etc.
4. They often run sales for holidays, which means the whole store could be 50% off!
5. They have colored tags for their items so depending on the color of the day - you could save 50% off the colored tag that day.  (so make sure to ask a sales associate what the color of the day is!)

Savers also takes items as donations and a porition of their money goes to charity.  Its a win/win!

I have found some remarkable finds at Savers.  I have also been able to find a few things to sell with my brother who has a Ebay account.  Including some expensive purses, clothing, and shoes. 

Best part of shopping consignment/thrift is shopping for kids.  Think about it, kids are only little for so long - so you can often find really nice items at consignment/thrift stores as kids might have only worn them once previously, or maybe not at all!

Here are just a few items I have found this month alone...some were found last night for my daughter. 

1.) Silk red rose dress for $5.99, 2.) Cream and Heart courdory dress from Old Navy $3.99, and my favorite find of the nite is the last dress shown...3.) A J.Crew Kids (Crew Cuts) that is silk for only $5.99!

 Here are a few other finds that I found my daughter (the mini fashionista) she can use this winter:

A beautiful winter dress coat with faux fur trim for $8.99 - so adorable!
A Janie and Jack velvet black dress, brand new with tags showing an original price of $79.50 - $7.99!

aren't those items great?
And such guilt free shopping!!

Click on this link to find a Savers near you:  Savers

If you live in the local area and want more info on how I shop at Savers, message me...I would love to help!

Happy Shopping and Happy Monday!

Love, Stylish Mama

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