Product Spotlight: Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy

December 12, 2013

Hands down! This is my all-time favorite hair shampoo and conditioner right now. 
The concept that you should take care of your hair from the scalp makes total sense.  Every few months I change my shampoo so my hair doesn't get use to it but with this shampoo, I haven't had to.  I strongly suggest you give this product a try.  Since I dye my hair, I use the Damage & Color Repair.  They have a shampoo for all hair types.  They also carry a MEN line and the HB highly recommends it gentlemen!  

Did I also mention that it makes your hair smell super amazing!!! I am extremely happy with this hair product. I can give you a list full of benefits but their website will do a better job with all the details.  

Do you have a favorite shampoo that you makes your hair look and feel stunning? Please share in the comments below. 

Organized Chica - XOX

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