Fun weekend spent in around the Boston area

December 2, 2013

What an amazing long weekend spent with friends! Hope you all were able to do the same or at least enjoy some time off work this past week.

My bestie from the U.K. came out to visit this past week...and we had to make sure we did a million things all jammed packed in the very few days we had together.

While planning our time together...I came up with a few touristy and local places to visit.  A must when someone is traveling from another country.  Even though she has been here countless of times to visit.

There is just honestly too much to post about - and I wouldn't want to bore you with it all.  But I figured I would share with you all a few must do things for our local area.

One place we visited in Boston (Quincy Market) was a new ice bar.  Its called Frost Ice Bar and it was really "cool" - a balmy 21 degrees cool!  If you have friends visiting the Boston area and are planning on doing some shopping or eating down in the Quincy Market area - this is a must!  The bar has all ice hand carved furniture, and even the drinking glasses are made out of ice.  There is also fun ice sculptures inside the bar - one being a giant swan boat that you can sit in.  Both the girls and the guys in our group enjoyed the experience...and oh dont worry they make sure to keep you warm - the bar experience also includes a big warm quilted parka and gloves.  One of the things the guys enjoyed was the fact that you were allowed to "smash" your glasses when you left the bar - as they are made out of ice and are never reused.

See photos of us girls in the ice bar below:

Last Friday I think you might recall me mentioning a favorite local shop I enjoy visiting.  Called Palettes of Natick, Mass.  I have been here a total of 3 girls night outs...and honestly, I have enjoyed each visit in a totally different way.  I have had the joy of going with a different mix of girls each it's fun in a way to see how each one of my friends reacts to the class being taught.  This is a great place to go with your friends or even parents or siblings...which I have seen all of these kinds of groups when I have been to Palettes.
Check out our fun in the photo below:

As you can see in the photos above all of our paintings came out a little different.  Love my friends and their unique style!!!  xoxo

Thanks to all my friends who gave me some great new memories...and a special thank you to my British Fab Gal Pam for coming out to visit me once again...I love you to the moon and back girly!


Stylish Mama

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