December 19, 2013

Hello Beauties!

Ever look in the mirror to ask where your makeup went? You know that you spent time that morning to apply a full face of makeup to only find it fading away after a long day at work.  Personally, having a busy schedule, I had to make sure I found the tricks in making sure my makeup stayed on all day with minimal touch-up.  I have combination skin with an oily T-Zone so as I learned more and more about makeup and its application, I realized that my oily skin was causing my makeup to break up and start fading.  Besides the fact that I had a really bad habit of touching my face alot with my hands.  Don't touch your face with your hands!

One of my tricks, which is a MUST, is a primer.  Just like your prime your walls before painting them, you prime your face before applying your makeup.  I have experimented not putting primer on and its guaranteed that my makeup will NOT last all day so when I know I have a long day, I make sure I apply my primer.   

Let me share with you the primers I use.  

Eye Primers: 

Face Primers:

Happy Priming!

Organized Chica - XOX

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