Part 2: Under the Stairs Linen Closet

November 26, 2013

As promised from last weeks post, Part 1: Under the Stairs Linen Closet, I will show you my linen closet almost done and organized.  I love it!  In the process I made a list of things I need to buy like new towels and new bedding.   The reason I say its "almost" done is because I still have a few things planned that need to be accomplished. Hope you enjoy the reveal! For the record, I still open the doors just to look at it, its a beauty.  It may not be this luxury closet but it's mine and was customized by Mr. Handyman! 

First I sorted through all the items I was going to store away in my linen closet.  I refolded things properly (to my standards...long story) Anyone out there picky on how your clothes and linens are folded? Please share! 

I also made labels for each bin.  I used Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery ElastiNote Tags in Blue and my label maker.  Yup! I have a label maker.  See how I labeled my bins. 

I then organized all my extra toiletries and paper goods (no room in the kitchen for my extra paper goods so I store it in my linen closet) in a Sterilite 16.5-Gallon (66-Quart) Latch Storage Box and labeled them.  I slipped pretty scrapbook paper in the front so you can't see through the bin contents.  I purchased my scrapbook paper at Michaels in clearance.  I used a small cloth bin to micro organize all the smaller items, like hand soaps, razors, hair gels, etc.  

Here it is! My linen closet. 

 Here's my under the stairs linen closet anatomy:

I also store my opened and extra cleaning products in a Small White Household Cart that stays in my linen closet that I can roll out when I do house chores.

I do have to finish up a few details and maybe tweak a couple of things but for now it works just fine.  Hope this inspires you a bit.

If you have any questions or want more details on anything you see here, please leave a comment below.

Happy organizing!

Organized Chica - xox

*I was not sponsored by any of the products used in this project or mentioned in this post.

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