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November 12, 2013

Is there such thing as Pinterest Anonymous? Seriously, when I say I'm a HUGE pinner, I am not exaggerating.  To me, pinning is so relaxing.  I love finding fresh ideas on so many different subjects that interest me.  My boards keep growing as I find new pins.  I really don't like paper, so to keep what inspires me in an virtual organized fashion, I'm in!

Welcome to one of my happy places...PINTEREST!

Let me explain to you why Pinterest is so much fun and popular. 

You can use Pinterest for so many things AND it's super duper easy.  Here are a few ideas you would use it for:
  • Wishlists
  • Bucket lists
  • Projects
  • Events
  • Home D├ęcor
  • Recipes
  • Organization
  • Etc….

Think about it this way, before you would use a cork board, and cut out all those images from magazines that inspired you and pin them up. (Some still use them) Well Pinterest is the same concept but done virtually.  Instead of limiting yourself to one or two cork boards (I still have one), as you would at home because of lack of space, you can create as many virtual boards as your little heart desires.  ISN'T’ IT GREAT!! 

I love Pinterest for many many many many many, ok, ok....I think you get my point, reasons.  I will just sum it up by saying, its my one catch-all place for my projects and inspirations.  I use Pinterest for mostly anything you can imagine, from my house projects, to make-up, to my photography, to the blog.  You name it, I did my research guessed it! PINTEREST!!!!  

If you have noticed, when your cursor is over our images on our blog, the Pinterest icon shows up in the middle of the image.  (Just like the image below as an example)  This allows you to click on the Pinterest icon (the big white P) and "pin" this image onto your personal Pinterest account.  It automatically copies the URL address to the image.  This allows for anyone that clicks on the "pin" from your Pinterest account to be sent directly to the image source, in this case, directly to our blog.  We invite you to feel free to "pin" our images to your Pinterest account and share with others what may inspire you.

You can follow our Stylish Mama meets Organized Chica Pinterest account here.

Or follow our Stylish Mama personal account here.

Lastly, follow Organized Chica personal account here

I highly suggest you open your Pinterest account today and start pinning away.  It will get your creative juices flowing.

Happy pinning!

Organized Chica - xox

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