Container Store

November 21, 2013

Oh the Container Store! What can I say? I'm in la-la land when I go inside this store.  Stress-free zone for this Chica!!!  Let's say I'm a kid in a candy store.  Can you hear the orchestra playing in the background? Ok, I know, its just me.  I told you I'm a little wacky when it came to organizing.  This is organization heaven! 

What is the Container Store? For those who don't know its a retail chain store that specializes in storage and organizational solutions.  Envision a store with aisles and aisles packed, all in a organized way, up high with all the goodies you need to organize your home and life for that matter.  

Unfortunately the store closest to me is a bit of distance away.  I don't get to visit it too much like I would if I had one closer to me but that is all going to change soon! Last week my friend told me that there was a Container Store opening right here in Cranston, Rhode Island at the Garden City Center.

Wanna know how I reacted?

I was ecstatic!!!  I couldn't believe it! Yiay!!! So naturally I confirmed with the website and yes its true!!  

You will know where to find me as of May 17th, 2014! 

I also wanted to share with you my top picks from the Container Store's current winter catalog.  All practical and affordable gifts to simplify a little bit our days.  

Hope this sparks your interest on the Container Store.  I can't wait until my store opens up!

Let the Countdown begins!

Happy Organizing!

Organized Chica - xox

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